Quasar: Space Data as a Service

August 8th, 2022

When it comes to space, floating above us are not only stars but multitudes of satellites bringing information at the touch of a button. These satellites way up above form an information superhighway, delivering important data and insights to us on the ground, all over the world. But through legacy ground station solutions it can be hard to communicate efficiently through the 1:1 system, and with more data from satellites being requested than ever, there is room for an opportunity. Quasar Satellite’s solution is to reimagine the application of previously available technology to produce a ground station capable of communicating with hundreds of satellites simultaneously, reducing lag and speeding the efficiency of data sharing. In a massive month for the team, they have joined forces with leading space organisations Antaris Inc and Fleet Space Technologies, signing two memorandums of understanding to further the industry.In addition, they welcomed two new starters to the team — Dr Michael Boers as VP of Engineering and Natasha Rawlings as Head of Business Operations — and joined three organisations:

  1. The DIFI consortium
  2. Australian Defence Information and Electronic Systems Association (ADIESA)
  3. The SmartSat CRC

Congratulations to the team — looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future!