Recruiting Mentors of Mensa Team for CyberTaipan cybersecurity competition

June 7th, 2021

Mensa Australia needs your help to mentor our team for CyberTaipan 2021. We are looking for CSIRO Alumni with background knowledge in Linux (Ubuntu & Debian), Window 10 Graphic User Interface, and PowerShell for Window Server to mentor our team.

If you are interested in mentoring Mensa Team or have any suggestions, please contact Dr Ronald YU, the Australian Mensa National Gifted Children Coordinator, at


About CyberTaipan

As cyber security becomes a critical priority for countries across the world, we’ll need a pipeline of cyber security professionals up for the challenges of the future.

Modelled on the US Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Program, the CyberTaipan competition is part of the Global Youth Cyber Defence Challenge Network. This network has been running for 11 years. In Australia, 114 teams of high school students aged 12-18 were recruited to compete in several rounds of competitions in 2020. Students were coached by professionals in cyber security and IT sectors. During the competition, students need to identify cyber security vulnerabilities such as account policies, application and system updates, forensics questions, and policy violation of malware, prohibited files, and unwanted software.


About Mensa Team

Last year, Australian Mensa formed a team of five members aged 12-18 from Sydney, Darwin, and Perth and won the 2nd place in CyberTaipan 2020. This year, we want to recruit more members to join this program would like to look for volunteers from CSIRO Alumni to join our mentoring team.


We wish to use these opportunities to promote the importance of cybersecurity to the young generation and help inspire and engage the most brilliant minds in Australia.


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