Roshan Regmi

September 19th, 2022

Area of research: Functional Soil Biology

Research project details:

My project is looking at how microbiome assemble and function in different types of soils in response to host plants. I am applying different omics techniques such as metagenomics, transcriptomics including sRNA omics, and metabolomics to answer some of burning questions in rhizosphere biology.


Agriculture and Food, Adelaide, South Australia

Expectations from a mentoring partnership:

I am interested in career-related and network building mentorship.

I am happy to meet in person or through online meetings

I am interested in a mentor who is interested in and has experience of using different omics tools in addressing questions related to microbiome assembly. Experience in RNAi, big data analysis is desirable.

More about me:

I have completed my studies from different countries, and I am quite comfortable to build network and knowledge sharing.

I have a formal training and experience in microbial engineering (Plant/Microbial Fuel Cells), molecular plant pathology, and cross-kingdom small RNAs movement.

I would like to shape myself as a potential future research leader in coming 2-3 years during CERC post-doctoral fellowship.

Google Scholar: