Santana Royan

September 19th, 2022

Area of research:
Biochemistry, Protein Engineering, Structural Biology (Crystallography and SAXS), Synthetic Biology

Research project details:

Engineering plastic degrading enzymes for improved activity and thermostability. Currently working on enzymes to degrade polyurethane, looking in the future at enzymes for more difficult to degrade plastics.


Materials Characterisation and Modelling Manufacturing; Building 201 Clayton.

Expectations from a mentoring partnership:

As I’m halfway through my postdoc, I’m looking for career-related and network building guidance.

Perhaps a catch up once a month or once every two months. I can do email or Webex communication but would like the opportunity to meet in person if able. A mentor with experience in both academic and industrial settings would be ideal.

More about me:

I have some diverse hobbies, including badminton, running, choral singing, and (don’t judge) Pokemon Go.

I was born in Malaysia and lived there until the end of high school. I lived in Perth for 10 years, where I did my undergrad, honours and PhD at UWA. I moved to Melbourne for this postdoc, and am really liking it here.