Stéphane Mangeon

October 27th, 2020

Area of research:

Data Science applied to Agriculture, Ecology, and Bushfires

Research project details:

My core project is about building the mathematical and machine learning framework for model-data fusion of agricultural pests. For example, if a model predicts a swarm of locusts in your farm, but you observed none, the model’s forecast would be adjusted on-the-fly.

I am also involved in mapping bushfire risks, and their implications for power network operations. This is more of an external scientific consultancy project, which I do more and more of.


Data61, Brisbane. I also frequently visit Canberra so would be happy with a mentor based there.

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

My expectations would vary based on you (the mentor), your experience and interests.

It could revolve around:

  • Science,
  • Career planning,
  • Building a network in Data Science,
  • Stepping into leadership roles,
  • Innovation, consultancies, and start-ups

Regarding logistics, I would be happy to discuss things remotely but in general would love to communicate in person. In terms of time commitment, I wouldn’t expect more than an hour a month but if you have more availability would be happy to chat more frequently.

My general interests:

French-born and British-educated, I moved to Australia with my Danish wife whom I met in Singapore. And so far, we’re loving the country!

Before joining CSIRO, I had some career twists and turns. From Oil and Gas Exploration to working with the United Nations on bushfires and climate change to starting a deep tech AI company in Singapore.

In general, I believe team work makes the dream work – hence my role co-chairing the national CERC Postdoc committee. So, I am curious to know about gearing data science careers toward more management and leadership roles.

Outside of work, I particularly enjoy sailing, diving, and great coffee.


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