Stone & Chalk Academy

March 23rd, 2021

Stone & Chalk are proud to announce the launch of S&C Academy; offering new learning opportunities to upskill and prepare for the future of work.

As the world of technology evolves at an ever increasing pace, the speed of disruption from startups is changing the world and it’s hard to keep pace.

The emphasis needs to be placed on skills. We will have to spend the money to educate our people – not just the children, but also people getting misplaced mid-career – so that they can find new jobs.” Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Founded in Fintech, Stone & Chalk is shaping the future by catalysing commercial success across all emerging industries. The combination of Stone & Chalk’s Impact Network and flagship programs empowers both our partners and residents to foster a culture of innovation and accelerate their growth journey – to make success happen.

Whilst the S&C Academy will initially be based at Stone & Chalk Sydney, it will become national and open to anyone seeking to upskill, build skills to change careers, explore innovation or better understand the impact of technology.

Initially, the S&C Academy will offer tuition in the form of concentrated bootcamps on core topics of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The Bootcamps are interactive half-day sessions, with panels of experienced industry experts and start-up founders sharing their first-hand expertise, experience and insights.

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