The Human Centric AI Seminars Series

February 15th, 2021

The Human Centric Security team are running a new monthly series “The Human Centric AI Seminars” that will focus on various research topics in human centered AI.
Free access to anyone interested in Humans and AI

The next seminar is titled: Human inspired and implicit signal based approaches for deepfake detection
Presented by Dr. Abhinav Dhall, Monash University
February 17, 13.00 to 13.50 AEDT

Abstract: Availability of image and video manipulation software have made it easier to create deepfake videos. In this work, we analyse the effectiveness of human implicit signals for aiding deepfake content analysis. We will present user-centric and content-centric approaches for detecting fake videos based on user gaze, audio and video signals. Furthermore, we will show how to localisatise the manipulation in time.

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