Uncovering Venture Science ®

May 8th, 2023

The Venture Science ® ToolkitWorking in deep tech venture capital, we’re consistently asked how we decipher, support and nurture the next generation of impactful companies with science at the core. What we’ve unearthed is the practice of Venture Science ®, combining the mindset and tactics of venturing with the problem-solving depth of science to make giant leaps of progress. So why is it important to separate Venture Science ®?1️⃣ Science-driven companies are complex — Deep tech companies need more than any one entity can readily deliver, and many can get stuck in the early years while they gather the required resources.  2️⃣ Science-driven timelines are longer — Inventing a quantum computer or another way to produce energy require more cycles to get to proof, and returns often take longer than usual. 3️⃣ Science-driven companies can be hard to understand — Describing the value proposition of a science-driven company is complex and made harder by the technical way that researchers naturally communicate. Venture Science ® builds the ‘packaging’ around the science.With this in mind, we’ve developed the first-ever Venture Science ® Toolkit, to make the start of a Venture Science ® company a simpler process. Curious about starting your own Venture Science ® company? Take a look at the link below, and who knows — we might even be your Venture Founder.The Venture Science ® Toolkit