Vale Bruce Ayling

February 21st, 2024

Bruce Ayling worked at CSIRO in North Ryde from at the early ‘60’s until his retirement 30 years ago. He died on 13 February 2024 at age 95, peacefully after a very active and fulfilled life.

He was a radio / electronics wizard / engineer with very little or no formal training, who invented many pieces of equipment for the team. He was an acknowledged mentor to many and loved chatting and ‘holding court’. He was acknowledged internationally for his work.

Following his retirement, he worked for another twenty years repairing specialised medical equipment for hospitals, that, it seemed no-one else could do.

He played tennis, the piano and took up ice-skating after retirement.

He is survived by two sons, one grandson, three step-children by his second wife and five step-grandchildren.


A tribute from Dr. Philip Crosby PhD BA FICCPM GAICD JP, Honorary Fellow, CSIRO Space and Astronomy

I was saddened to hear of Bruce Ayling’s departure, the world has lost a truly dynamic and inspirational scientist and engineer. As the owner of a small industrial and medical electronics business in the late 1970’s, my enquiries for cutting edge technology solutions led me to Bruce Ayling (then in the North Ryde Minerals Division). Bruce epitomised the “I” in CSIRO, and while delivering on his ‘day job’ of advanced radio comms and sensors for the mining sector, he managed to find time to help my then fledgling firm with designs including specialised power supplies, industrial controls, and non-invasive blood pressure instruments for St Vincents hospital. Bruce’s contribution through CSIRO enabled my company to prosper, and train and employ 10 engineers.

After his retirement, he remained my mentor, and my wife and I enjoyed many happy years socialising with Bruce and his beloved Molly. I joined CSIRO (Space and Astronomy) in 2006, and was delighted to bring Bruce along to our morning teas where, as all Alumni know, is where many astonishing innovations start life.

Thank you Bruce. I couldn’t always keep up with you, but you inspire me still.




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