Vale Eric J Crawford

December 21st, 2021

Eric J Crawford died Sunday Dec. 12 2021. Aged 93


Eric was the first plant introduction officer of the Department of Agriculture.

He developed the area at Parafield and formulated a program along the lines operating in CSIRO and took charge of what subsequently became known as the Parafield Research Centre and later the Parafield Plant Introduction Centre.

Record of the work of E.J. Crawford in the South Australian Department of Agriculture from 1949–89


Memories from Brian Teakle

Eric Crawford was my Mums cousin and was the reason I came to go to Urrbrae . Eric went on to Roseworthy, and operated part of the original Crawford farm at Mallee Corner between Koolunga and Brinkworth .

He worked all his life with the Dept of Agriculture specializing in the introduction of pasture species including native grasses but especially clovers and medics.

I remember going to Mallee Corner kicking the football with my cousins. Later when I was home on the farm at Gulnare we had a day at Mallee Corner to look mainly at the Snail Clover Eric had growing . Then there was the Crawford reunion which was brilliant as Eric had all the statistics on grain prices and yields over the years as well as the family history at that time

Eric has been honoured by the University of Adelaide with a plaque in the Waite pasture paddock for his contribution to the development and adoption of various pasture species.


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