We’re recruiting – CERC Postdoctoral and Engineering Fellows

December 13th, 2021

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, is solving the greatest challenges. Will you join us?

We recruit the best talent to deliver world‑changing impact.
Bold change‑makers, imaginative problem solvers and people driven to make a difference, whose creativity and skill match their enthusiasm for science and innovation.
We are recruiting the next generation of leaders for Australia’s innovation system, seeking over 150 CSIRO Early Research Career (CERC) Postdoctoral and Engineering Fellows to join our team over the next 12 months.
We’re also looking for talented researchers and engineers at all levels to join one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence and
data science research and development teams.

Talk to us about being part of Australia’s innovative future: https://jobs.csiro.au/go/Postdoctoral-Fellowships/7829300/