Woolworths’ part of $13m investment in FutureFeed low methane, seaweed fed beef

August 23rd, 2021

Balkans Times, www.balkanstimes.eu/category/world/business/, 19/08/2021
Supermarket giant Woolworths is part of a $13 million project that could fundamentally change a core grocery staple. But the key to the success of the project will be if shoppers don’t notice the change at all. […] The FutureFeed company, which was established by the CSIRO and now has investment and research backing from Meat and Livestock Australia, GrainCorp and James Cook University among others as well as Woolies, is looking at whether adding just 0.5 per cent of processed seaweed to an animal’s diet can lead to them expelling less greenhouse gases out of various orifices.

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