zOOm into physics: The Physics of Sci-Fi

April 20th, 2021

28 April 2021: 8.00pm

Online event – register here

Zoom for fun? Physics for fun? Are you joking?

Nope. We’ll be putting the cat amongst the pigeons – or to be more precise – putting the philosopher amongst the physicists to stimulate a fun and thoughtful discussion on a different physics topic each month….and you are invited – to listen or, perhaps, to participate with your thoughts or questions for our amazing panel.
Dial in and ZOOM into physics!


Our panel will describe their favourite scientific technology from sci-fi and discuss its basis in science.

Ever wondered about something in a movie?
Now’s your chance to put it to the experts!

What’s the silliest, most ridiculous tech ever seen in sci-fi?

These and potentially many other questions may remain unanswered!

OK Zoomers:

Dr Kirrily Rule
Tibor Molnar
Prof Geraint Lewis
Moderation will be valiantly attempted by Scott Martin