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5 June 2024

Gizmodo Australia, Other, 31/05/2024, Athina Mallis A few weeks ago Australia was blessed with some breathtaking auroras, which were the […]

5 June 2024

Big News Network, Other, 03/06/2024 Worldwide collaboration is required to advance scientific discoveries, the fundamental understanding of our universe, and […]

30 May 2024

Manufacturers Monthly, Other, 28/05/2024, Jack Lloyd The International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space (i-SAIRAS) 2024 will […]

29 April 2024

Space Daily, Other, 27/04/2024, Clarence Oxford Navigating the great unknown of space requires innovative tools, like the Multi-Resolution Scanner (MRS), […]

18 April 2024

From the suburbs of Brisbane to the International Space Station, an innovative Australian device embarks on a journey to transform […]

4 April 2024

PACE, Other, 03/04/2024, Georgia Willey Sydney's Space Machines Company has launched a trailblazing satellite to clean up space junk. CSIRO […]

26 March 2024

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 25/03/2024 A cutting-edge 3d mapping technology developed by CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, has made its way […]

7 March 2024

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 06/03/2024 Australia's national science agency CSIRO has launched state-of-the-art printed flexible solar cell technology into space aboard […]

5 March 2024

AMTIL, Other, 04/03/2024, Paul Hellard The ANU Quantum Optical Ground Station is a telescope that will support high-speed advanced communications […]

26 February 2024

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 23/02/2024, Matthew Ward Agius Texas aerospace company Intuitive Machines has made history this morning, landing its 'Odysseus' […]

24 January 2024

WIONews, Other, 23/01/2024 A middle-sized black hole in the middle of one of the brightest globular clusters in the Milky […]

11 December 2023

The Conversation, Other, 06/12/2023, Michael J I Brown Supermassive black holes reside in some of the biggest galaxies in the […]

11 December 2023

ITWire, Other, 08/12/2023, Kenn Anthony Mendoza Australian startup Quasar has launched its world first Space Domain Awareness (SDA) capabilities, a […]

23 October 2023

Canberra Times, Other, 20/10/2023, Aaron Bunch Astronomers in Western Australia have detected the most distant burst of fast radio waves […]

9 October 2023

The Conversation Earth's ocean is incredibly vast. That is why we are heading out to sea on the state-of-the-art CSIRO […]

14 September 2023

ABC Online, Other, 13/09/2023, Jack Ryan Searching through a catalogue of more than 600 galaxies, Nathan Deg stumbled upon two […]

28 August 2023

Space Daily, Other, 26/08/2023 NASA is working with its international partners to study the ancient Earth as it relates to […]

10 August 2023

This year's David Malin Awards feature new techniques and technology, and the images are out of this world! Check out […]

3 August 2023

The Conversation, Other, 02/08/2023, Glen Nagle In 1977, five years before ET asked to “phone home”, two robotic spacecraft began […]

18 July 2023

We are honoured that CSIRO’s Space and Astronomy business unit, which manages the ATNF, has received a Silver Pleiades award […]

29 May 2023

Space Connect, Other, 28/05/2023 Researchers using the 36-dish ASKAP telescope have made a discovery that challenges the hypothesis around how […]

15 May 2023,, 12/05/2023, Evrim Yazgin A phenomenon never before seen has just been observed around a fast radio burst by […]

20 April 2023

West Australian, Other, 20/04/2023, Aaron Bunch Day is set to turn into night when the sun vanishes from the sky […]

4 April 2023

Space Australia, Other, 03/04/2023, Rami Mandow Early this week, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency will announce the crew of […]

29 March 2023

The Conversation, Other, 28/03/2023, William James FRBs are incredibly powerful pulses of radio waves from space lasting about a thousandth […]

27 March 2023

Space Australia, Other, 26/03/2023, Rami Mandow Gravitational waves, whilst only recently having been directly confirmed, can reveal a lot about […]

6 March 2023

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 04/03/2023 A group of 25 space companies comprising 40 delegates from the United Kingdom have landed in […]

23 February 2023

CIO Tech Asia, Other, 22/02/2023 Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, has signed a five-year agreement with US-based company SpaceX to […]

13 February 2023

Herald Sun, Other, 09/02/2023 CSIRO Astronomer Dr Vanessa Moss says the Green Comet' has been visible in the northern hemisphere […]

9 February 2023

Spatial Source, Other, 08/02/2023 On behalf of CSIRO, Canberra-based Geospatial Intelligence will present a series of NovaSAR-1 virtual workshops, designed […]

2 February 2023

The Conversation, Other, 01/02/2023, Michael Garrett An international team of researchers looking for signs of intelligent life in space have […]

2 February 2023

LabOnline, Other, 02/02/2023 A research team led by Macquarie University and Italy’s National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) has used Australia’s […]

30 January 2023

Time News,, 29/01/2023 Researchers from the Canadian University of "McGill" monitored a radio signal from the most distant galaxy […]

6 December 2022

ABC Online, Other, 05/12/2022, Rachael Clifford Situated deep in the outback of Western Australia, more than 100,000 antennas will be […]

28 November 2022

International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Other, 23/11/2022 Researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) have released […]

21 November 2022

West Australian, Other, 18/11/2022, Kimberley Caines Five West Australians have been selected to become the country's newest Science, Technology, Engineering, […]

24 October 2022

Inferse, Other, 23/10/2022, Aabha Sharma Iron will be key to human self-sufficiency on Mars. When the first humans reach Mars, […]

13 September 2022

Augusta-Margaret River Times, Other, 13/09/2022, Rachael Ward Mysterious space diamonds could hold the key to revolutionising mining and manufacturing. Australian […]

30 August 2022

Space Australia, Other, 29/08/2022, Ruth Harrison Women play a huge role in the Australian space sector, and each week […]

22 August 2022

Australasian Science, Other, 19/08/2022, Jurik Peter Astronomers at Western Sydney University have discovered one of the biggest black hole jets […]

8 August 2022

When it comes to space, floating above us are not only stars but multitudes of satellites bringing information at the […]

8 August 2022

MENAFN, Other, 07/08/2022 Microsoft has been announced as the first 'Constellation Partner' at the National Space Industry Hub (NSIH) delivered […]

1 August 2022

ABC Online, Other, 31/07/2022, Hugh Hogan With a love of science fiction and photography it seems Ian Inverarity was always […]

26 July 2022

CDOTrends, Other, 25/07/2022 Australian space industry startups Antaris and Quasar Satellite Technologies are bringing a breakthrough innovation in satellite constellation […]

18 July 2022

CSIRO-backed space startup Quasar Satellite Technologies is testing investor appetite for a $10 million raising to bring forward production of […]

13 July 2022

Bitcoin Tech Bio,, 13/07/2022 Five to ten million years ago an asteroid smashed into Mars. It created a massive […]

13 July 2022

Space Australia, Other, 12/07/2022, Shanika Galaudage The 2022 Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting was held from June 27 […]

20 June 2022

Space Daily, Other, 19/06/2022 Construction has begun in Australia on ESA's fourth deep-space antenna, which will help fill a gap […]

9 June 2022

Space Australia, Other, 07/06/2022, Ruth Harrison Women play a huge role in the Australian space sector, and each week […]

30 May 2022

Space Connect, Other, 24/05/2022 UNSW Canberra Space researchers have teamed up with NASA and New Zealand astronomers to keep a […]

24 May 2022

Space Australia, Other, 23/05/2022, Ruth Harrison In March each year we not only celebrate International Women’s Day but we also […]

17 May 2022

A hackathon offering up to $10,000 for a startup ideas that tackle climate change via space will be held in […]

3 May 2022

Science Media Exchange (Scimex), Other, 03/05/2022 An international research team, including scientists at Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, have used […]

2 May 2022

This extract is from the revealing new book, Beginning to End: Our Universe Inside Out, by science writer Peter Spinks. […]

14 April 2022

Science Times, Other, 14/04/2022, Marie Morales The UK will build the so-called 'brain' of the world’s largest telescope. More than […]

14 April 2022

PACE, Other, 13/04/2022 The Australian Space Agency and NASA have signed a joint Statement of Intent to further secure data, […]

13 April 2022

The Conversation, Other, 12/04/2022, Jordan Collier When astronomers dream of their ideal telescopes, it’s not that different to what people […]

4 April 2022

Parkes Phoenix, Other, 01/04/2022 Tom Lees can clearly remember watching the moon landing on TV when he was seven, but […]

4 April 2022

ABC Online, Other, 03/04/2022 Scientists are busy testing ways to build a giant solar farm in space. If you can […]

28 March 2022

Study Finds, Other, 23/03/2022, Chris Melore Odd radio circles (ORCs) are mysterious objects out in space which look like a […]

28 March 2022

ABC Online, Other, 26/03/2022, Dominic Cansdale The development of a self-sufficient space industry is as vital to Australia's future as […]

7 March 2022

Science Times, Other, 03/03/2022, Tiffany Winfrey A team of scientists analyzed a giant cosmic shockwave that stretches 6.5 million light-years […]

7 March 2022

The Guardian, Other, 06/03/2022, Jocelyn Timperley A new generation of detectors will be many times better at tracking discharges of […]

24 February 2022

Gamilaraay woman Karlie Noon was recently appointed to the Australian Academy of Science’s National Committee for Astronomy as their first Indigenous consultant. […]

7 February 2022

Space Australia, Other, 06/02/2022, Dan Lambeth One of the nation's most sensitive radio telescopes, ASKAP (owned and operated by Australia's […]

25 January 2022

InnovationAus, Other, 24/01/2022, James Riley Legendary Australian scientist and deep tech entrepreneur David Skellern, a member of the original team […]

24 January 2022

Gilmour Space Technologies and Griffith University are pleased to announce the winners of a mission patch design competition for ‘Joey’ […]

20 December 2021

Knowledia News, Other, 19/12/2021, Staff Writers A stunning image captured by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) and Australia's […]

16 December 2021

Northern Beaches Review, Other, 16/12/2021, Nick Gibbs Sovereign space capability and more sustainable ways to fly are on the agenda […]

15 December 2021

PressReleasePoint, Other, 14/12/2021 The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, a joint venture between The University of Western Australia and […]

14 December 2021

Brisbane Times, Other, 14/12/2021, Stuart Layt An international team of researchers, including astronomers from Australia, have completed a 16-year experiment […]

7 December 2021

Space Connect, Other, 06/12/2021 The Queensland University of Technology announced on Friday it has developed a navigation and perception system […]

6 December 2021

InnovationAus, Other, 05/12/2021, Peter Roberts Researchers and businesses preparing to head to the Moon can test their technologies in a […]

2 December 2021

The Age, Other, 02/12/2021, Stuart Layt A new CSIRO facility unveiled in Brisbane will enable researchers to simulate being on […]

9 November 2021

InnovationAus, Other, 08/11/2021, Joseph Brookes Swinburne University of Technology has launched an aerospace research hub to help develop lighter planes, […]

8 November 2021

Sydney Morning Herald, Other, 07/11/2021, Alan Duffy NASA space debris expert Dr Don Kessler was the first to observe that […]

2 November 2021

Quasar is an Australian firm that focuses on offering a global leader in ground station services to satellite operators and […]

2 November 2021

ABC Online, Other, 01/11/2021, Tim Fookes Sixty years on from its construction the Parkes Radio Telescope is set to play […]

28 October 2021

Space Australia, Other, 27/10/2021, Rami Mandow As Australians, we are known to have a deep connection and treasure home-grown things […]

26 October 2021

InnovationAus, Other, 25/10/2021, Rachael Bolton One of the great joys of scientific innovation is looking at an existing technology and […]

25 October 2021

Business News Australia, Other, 22/10/2021, Nick Nichols The start-up world is clamouring for its place in orbit with Australian in-space […]

14 October 2021, Other, 13/10/2021 The mysterious radio signals coming from a source that suddenly turns itself on and off is "100 […]

14 October 2021

Science Daily, Other, 14/10/2021 An international team of astronomers recently observed more than 1,650 fast radio bursts (FRBs) detected from […]

13 September 2021

Space Australia, Other, 11/09/2021, Ruth Harrison Melbourne based manufacturing company, Titomic Ltd, has been awarded a 2.35 million funding grant […]

6 September 2021

Space Australia, Other, 06/09/2021, Cameron Furlong By 2026, Australia's national science agency, CSIRO along with SmartSat CRC - a government-funded […]

31 August 2021

Open Forum, Other, 30/08/2021 Twenty-one organisations from across Australia and the United States have found that a series of satellites […]

23 August 2021

create, Other, 19/08/2021, Nicholas Brant Western Australia’s first locally designed and made satellite is setting the standard for the next […]

23 August 2021

AlphaGalileo, Other, 19/08/2021 Led by KeeleUniversity PhD student Clara M.Pennock and Reader in Astrophysics, Dr Jaccovan Loon, the international team […]

16 August 2021,, 15/08/2021, Steven Freeland, Danielle Ireland-Piper, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson, Jonathan Crowe, Samuli Haataja and Wendy Bonython What do […]

12 August 2021

Canberra Times, Other, 11/08/2021, Marion Rae Australia's golden wattle has made a giant leap for science and extra-terrestrial gardening. Seeds […]

11 August 2021

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 10/08/2021 As the Australian space industry reaches new heights, data collected in orbit will connect farmers, land […]

9 August 2021

GovTech Review, Other, 06/08/2021 CSIRO and Australian in-space transportation provider Space Machines Company (SMC) have teamed up to test Australian […]

5 August 2021

The Conversation, Other, 04/08/2021, Ray Norris Scanning through data fresh off the telescope, we saw two ghosts dancing deep in […]

2 August 2021

Smart Company Australia, Other, 30/07/2021, Stephanie Palmer-Derrien Martin Duursma heads up the space tech portfolio at Main Sequence, the CSIRO-backed […]

30 July 2021

Forbes Advocate, Other, 29/07/2021, Kristy Williams Covid-19 restrictions might have cruelled the plans of last Saturday's planned Astrofest event at […]

30 July 2021

AMTIL, Other, 29/07/2021 The NSW Government has announced $1.4m in funding to establish the NSW Space Research Network, to be […]

23 July 2021

Defence Connect, Other, 22/07/2021, Nastasha Tupas The NSW government has announced $1.4 million in funding to establish the NSW Space […]

22 July 2021

Medium, Other, 22/07/2021, Ioannis Dedes "Important clues to the galaxy hosting the black hole" Have you ever seen objective evidence […]

20 July 2021

ABC Online, Other, 20/07/2021, Gemma Conroy In 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope made history when it captured the very first […]

15 July 2021

Medianet, Other, 14/07/2021 Fast radio bursts transient high-energy pulses – lasting at most a few milliseconds – that streak through […]

14 July 2021

The Opportunity   Exceptional leadership opportunity with Space & Astronomy High profile role with significant global scope & partnerships Contribute […]

8 July 2021

Brisbane Times, Other, 08/07/2021, Stuart Layt Researchers in industries from agriculture to natural disaster management now have access to a […]

5 July 2021

Newsbinding,, 02/07/2021 An international group of astronomers has created images with never-before-seen detail of a galaxy cluster with a […]

2 July 2021

Space Connect, Other, 01/07/2021 The federal government today announced new plans for advanced space collaborations with the US and a […]

1 July 2021

Space Connect, Other, 30/06/2021 Queensland-based Gilmour Space Technologies has secured $61 million in funding to launch its first orbital rocket […]

22 June 2021

Smart Company Australia, Other, 21/06/2021, Tijana Birdjan In a week of big announcements, three South Australian startups last week furthered […]

15 June 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to Feain, Ilana (S&A, Marsfield) and her team who won the Government & Public Sector Solution of the Year […]

31 May 2021

TechnoCode,, 30/05/2021, Krishna Rao France has officially joined the international consortium that will build the Square Kilometre Array Observatory […]

26 May 2021

For 14 minutes, between 9:11pm and 9:25pm (AEST), on Wednesday 26 May, our Moon will appear large and red in […]

17 May 2021

Asia Pacific Defence Reporter, Other, 16/05/2021, Apdr Staff Smart satellite provider LatConnect 60 and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) have […]

11 May 2021

Space War, Other, 05/05/2021 New Australian space startup Quasar Satellite Technologies is set to revolutionise space communication, allowing ground stations […]

11 May 2021

Space Connect, Other, 08/05/2021 Boeing unveils space recommendations to support Australia's space industry amid the parliamentary space inquiry. Of their […]

11 May 2021

The SKA Observatory (SKAO) is pleased to announce the appointment of two widely respected figures in the field as its […]

11 May 2021

Executive Traveller, Other, 11/05/2021 The second and last supermoon for 2021 coincides with a full lunar eclipse for a double […]

11 May 2021

Australian Financial Review, Other, 10/05/2021, Sally-Ann Williams Australia has enormous untapped potential within the $US420 billion global space economy. On […]

3 May 2021

Vice, Other, 30/04/2021, Becky Ferreira A new Odd Radio Circle (ORC) appears to span a million light years, and contains […]

3 May 2021

Techcodex,, 01/05/2021, Anirudh Singh On 29 April, ESA and the Australian Space Agency announced the construction of a second […]

3 May 2021

Inverse, Other, 02/05/2021 Proxima Centauri has a potentially habitable exoplanet. But the temperamental star may have fried that "potentially" away. […]

26 April 2021

ABC Online, Other, 23/04/2021, Michael Slezak and Penny Timms For Curtin University astronomer Hadrien Devillepoix, helping prevent Armageddon is all […]

29 March 2021

Medium, Other, 27/03/2021 Researchers have been shedding light on the enigmatic spiders from Mars', providing the first physical evidence that […]

29 March 2021

Clarence Valley Independent, Other, 27/03/2021 The iconic Parkes radio telescope, owned and operated by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, will […]

23 March 2021

Indian Express, Other, 22/03/2021 TIFR National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) will organise the maiden annual memorial lecture in the […]

22 March 2021

ITDC India,, 20/03/2021 Astronomers have discovered a cosmic phenomenon with a striking resemblance to a jellyfish. The MWAa precursor […]

11 March 2021

OpenGov Asia, Other, 09/03/2021 A space infrastructure company and an Australian wildfire intelligence company signed an agreement to send the […]

1 March 2021

Joint media release with the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Hon Dan Tehan MP Ties between the Australian […]

25 February 2021,, 24/02/2021, Aimee Chanthadavong The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has advised the Standing Committee of Industry, […]

22 February 2021

ABC Online, Other, 21/02/2021 Congratulations, you've won a ticket to Mars. You may have to wait a while before you […]

16 February 2021

Canberra Times, Other, 15/02/2021, Andrew Brown It's far from a god-awful small affair to determine if there really is life […]

15 February 2021

ITWire, Other, 12/02/2021, Sam Varghese The award for the best science paper of the year, given by the prestigious Science […]

8 February 2021, Other, 05/02/2021 People have known about the Pleiades constellation from thousands of years. An astrophysicist, Ray Norris of the […]

8 February 2021

Business Journal,, 06/02/2021 Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope: This week, an intergovernmental organisation called the SKA Observatory was launched […]

3 February 2021

MSN UK, Other, 03/02/2021, Rob Waugh Astronomers have detected baffling, previously unseen behaviour from a rare magnetar' star - one […]

2 February 2021

Geospatial world, Other, 01/02/2021 Dr Alex Held, Director of the CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation, has been recognized for his […]

6 January 2021

Space Connect, Other, 05/01/2021 The University of Western Australia’s Zadko telescope has captured severe weather events on the closest star […]

4 January 2021

Malaysia MSN, Other, 03/01/2021, Doris Elin Urrutia A lunar-orbiting spacecraft caught a glimpse of Saturn and Jupiter during their ''great […]

21 December 2020

Forbes Advocate, Other, 18/12/2020 No doubt the Central West are among the best places for us to observe the skies […]

21 December 2020, Other, 21/12/2020 Astronomers hunting for radio signals from alien civilizations have detected an "intriguing signal" from the direction of […]

21 December 2020

Latest Talks,, 20/12/2020 At the very largest scale, the Universe consists of a "cosmic web" made of enormous, tenuous […]

15 December 2020

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 14/12/2020, Bianca Nogrady Like orbiting lego bricks crammed with tech, CubeSats are simple, customisable and the next […]

14 December 2020

Jerusalem Post, Other, 10/12/2020 The circles were dubbed ORCs, which stands for "odd radio circles". But the big question, of […]

8 December 2020

The New Daily, Other, 07/12/2020, Samantha Dick Some say it started with a bang, while others argue it was an […]

7 December 2020

Lifeboat Foundation,, 05/12/2020, Quinn Sena Astronomers have mapped about a million previously undiscovered galaxies beyond the Milky Way, in […]

7 December 2020

Oberon Review, Other, 06/12/2020, Tim Dornin After a six-year mission and a flight of hundreds of millions of kilometres, a […]

1 December 2020

Yahoo! New Zealand, Other, 01/12/2020, Hannah Ryan The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) broke records as it conducted its […]

24 November 2020

Parkes Champion-Post, Other, 23/11/2020 Artist Sean James Cassidy was recently honoured, with his artwork selected to grace the cover of […]

23 November 2020, Other, 21/11/2020, Daniel Kucher Space is of interest to enthusiasts and scientists around the world who not only search […]

10 November 2020

ABC Online, Other, 09/11/2020, Hugh Hogan The Dish, famous for broadcasting the moon landing, will now also be known as […]

9 November 2020

ABC Online, Other, 07/11/2020, Joanna Prendergast and Chris Lewis The arid heart of Australia presents a window through which scientists […]

9 November 2020

Southgate Amateur Radio Club,, 08/11/2020 During the month of October the IARU coordinated frequencies for six upcoming Amateur Radio […]

9 November 2020

The Australian, Other, 09/11/2020 CNET Headline, November 5: NASA's Voyager 2 receives first commands since March, sends back a hello. […]

2 November 2020

ABC News Online, 31/10/20 Seventy-five years ago, enterprising physicists erected long pieces of wire in the form of an aerial […]

2 November 2020

4BC, Online, 31/10/20 The CSIRO Parkes Telescope is a triumph of innovation. Famous for its role in the Apollo 11 […]

6 October 2020

Manly Daily, Other, 03/10/2020, John Morcombe Today marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of radio astronomy in Australia – […]

2 October 2020, Other, 01/10/2020 Minister for Industry, Science, and Technology Karen Andrews has announced Australia is another step closer to helping […]

30 September 2020

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 29/09/2020 Australia has become the fourth country to ratify the Square Kilometre Array Observatory Convention, with the […]

29 September 2020

Australian Defence Magazine, Other, 28/09/2020 A new project to drive advances in hyperspectral imaging technology for defence applications has commenced. […]