From our oceans and coasts, landscapes and inland waters, to our atmosphere and climate, read about how the latest research is helping to maintain the integrity of our environments and ensure our natural resources are used sustainably.

5 June 2024

Offshore Energy, Other, 30/05/2024, Zerina Maksumic An Indigenous-led research report has proposed a cultural license to operate (CLO) framework to […]

5 June 2024

MSN India, Other, 30/05/2024 The Indian Ocean has experienced the strongest warming on record in recent decades, exposing the Indian […]

30 May 2024

Swimming into the depths of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, innovative underwater gliders are helping uncover crucial climate insights. Read more: […]

30 May 2024

ABC Online, Other, 26/05/2024, Gavin-Mcgrath A state-of-the-art surveillance vessel cruises off Victoria's Gippsland coast. Vaguely military in appearance — garish […]

20 May 2024

Anticipated to double by 2040, plastic use poses a looming threat to our planet’s sustainability, with significant adverse impacts on […]

20 May 2024

The Australian, Other, 19/05/2024, Samantha McCulloch It's an intriguing concept: What if Australia could build a new industry from its […]

13 May 2024

The Guardian, Other, 12/05/2024, Peter Hannam The world needs a "climate armistice" between the US and China if net zero […]

7 May 2024

ABC Online, Other, 05/05/2024, Jano Gibson When the "roaring forties" blow in from the Southern Ocean, Jamie Oliver knows he's […]

29 April 2024

The Conversation, Other, 25/04/2024, Kathryn Willis, Britta Denise Hardesty and Katie Conlon In the two decades to 2019, global plastic […]

18 April 2024

New science has taken a deep dive into plastic waste, providing the first estimate of how much ends up on […]

18 April 2024

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 17/04/2024 The Australia-Singapore Initiative on Low Emissions Technologies (ASLET) for maritime and port operations will be […]

15 April 2024

Mediaweek, Other, 11/04/2024, Amy Shapiro In an effort to address the dwindling giant kelp forests in Tasmania, a new campaign […]

15 April 2024

The Conversation, Other, 12/04/2024, Pep Canadell, Yuanyuan Huang and Yingping Wang We all know about the carbon in Earth’s atmosphere, […]

8 April 2024

The Conversation, Other, 05/04/2024, Yi Huang, Steven Siems and Tahereh Alinejadtabrizi The Southern Ocean is renowned for having the cleanest […]

8 April 2024

Vancouver Sun, Other, 07/04/2024, Tiffany Crawford Researchers have taken a deep dive into plastic pollution, and found up to 100 […]

18 March 2024

The Age, Other, 17/03/2024, Heath Gilmore Going upstream, Jai Vaze is journeying back to the heart of a catastrophe. Armed […]

5 March 2024

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 04/03/2024, Marie Low From the Great Barrier Reef to the Tasmanian Wilderness, the Blue Mountains and K’gari […]

5 March 2024

Tasmanian Times, Other, 04/03/2024 The longest science voyage by CSIRO research vessel RV Investigator has returned to Australia with one […]

26 February 2024

Canberra Times, Other, 23/02/2024, Ethan James Artificial intelligence from an internet search engine giant could prove crucial in efforts to […]

19 February 2024

Enhanced mineralisation – also known as mineral carbonation – is one of the promising methods for long-term reduction of atmospheric […]

8 February 2024

The Guardian, Other, 08/02/2024, Sarah Basford Canales and Graham Readfearn Community groups, activists and politicians rallied on the lawns of […]

6 February 2024

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 04/02/2024 At the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Hobart, there is a saying that to […]

6 February 2024

The Australian Independent Media Network, Other, 05/02/2024 A new study led by Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, shows that marine […]

19 December 2023

Packaging News, Other, 18/12/2023, Will Wain-Williams The Australian government has funded a co-operative research centre as part of its project […]

11 December 2023

Inside Waste Weekly, Other, 07/12/2023 Currently, only 8 per cent of plastic in India gets recycled with the rest either […]

11 December 2023

The Conversation, Other, 07/12/2023, Kirsten Zickfeld & Pep Canadell As delegates gather in Dubai at the COP28 climate conference - […]

11 December 2023

The Australian Independent Media Network, Other, 09/12/2023 A new scientific cooperation agreement for the Pacific will boost climate change risk […]

6 December 2023

Heading out to explore beaches and seashores? There is so much to learn from observing our coastlines. Here is some […]

27 November 2023

ABC Online, Other, 16/11/2023 An industry-wide change to cars in the 1980s appears to have virtually stopped decades of rising […]

23 November 2023

West Australian, Other, 22/11/2023, Ethan James For almost three years a robot was hard at work in the Southern Ocean, […]

20 November 2023

The Australian, Other, 18/11/2023 Scientists are heading to the Southern Ocean to investigate why warm water is leaking from the […]

6 November 2023

ABC Online, Other, 02/11/2023, Moninya Roughan, Amandine Schaeffer, Junde Li & Shane Keating Right now, there's something big spinning off […]

1 November 2023

The Advocate (Burnie), Other, 28/10/2023, Simon-Mcguire In the corner of Tasmania's North-West is a high-tech facility that collects air and […]

1 November 2023

News Today, laotribune.com, 28/10/2023 Innovative ways to reduce plastics pollution took center stage at the Plastic Innovation Hub Vietnam (Hub […]

16 October 2023

Architecture & Design, Other, 13/10/2023, Yeray Santana-Falcón There is growing consensus that our planet is likely to pass the 1.5°C […]

12 October 2023

The Conversation, Other, 11/10/2023, Alvise Dabalà, Anthony Richardson, Daniel Dunn and Jason Everett, Mangroves might not look like much. Yes, […]

10 October 2023

The Guardian, Other, 09/10/2023, Graham Readfearn Scientists say they have discovered large flows of pollution are reaching the Great Barrier […]

9 October 2023

Globally, 75 per cent of plastic produced becomes waste. The Indo-Pacific Plastics Innovation Network (IPPIN) is an initiative supporting impact-driven […]

9 October 2023

The Conversation Earth's ocean is incredibly vast. That is why we are heading out to sea on the state-of-the-art CSIRO […]

9 October 2023

Former fashion designer turned climate solutions innovator Sam Elsom is urging Australia to invest in our boldest and most critical […]

18 September 2023

ABC Online, Other, 16/09/2023, Liz Gwynn Blind cusk eels, zombie worms and carnivorous sponges are some of the species that […]

14 September 2023

AZoSensors, Other, 13/09/2023 Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has installed specialised sensors on Darumbal Sea Country in the Southern Great […]

14 September 2023

ABC Online, Other, 13/09/2023 Totten Glacier, the biggest glacier ice shelf in east Antarctica, is enormous, difficult to reach by […]

13 September 2023

Canberra Times, Other, 13/09/2023, Tracey Ferrier Hi-tech sensors are being tested on the Great Barrier Reef as part of an […]

11 September 2023

SBS, Other, 08/09/2023 Graphs show the dire reality of spiking temperatures around the world, in what is quickly shaping up […]

28 August 2023

ABC Online, Other, 27/08/2023, Fiona Breen Researchers are warning more needs to be understood about changes in the Southern Ocean, […]

23 August 2023

ABC Online, Other, 21/08/2023, Tyne Logan, Katia Shatoba and Mark Doman The ocean plays an integral role in shaping our […]

15 August 2023

The New Daily, Other, 14/08/2023, Parker McKenzie Bushfire season is starting early in Australia, as an expert warns "our luck […]

27 July 2023

New Zealand Herald, Other, 27/07/2023, Jamie Morton Back-to-back La Nina events like the one which just helped deliver New Zealand […]

24 July 2023

With 90 billion tonnes of primary materials used globally for plastics each year and only 9% of them being recycled, […]

8 June 2023

Australasian Farmers’ & Dealers’ Journal, Other, 07/06/2023 Following The Bureau of Meteorology announcement that we can expect to move out […]

7 June 2023

Eco Voice, Other, 05/06/2023 In a world-first voyage to the Southern Ocean, 14 leading ocean chemistry laboratories from 12 countries […]

7 June 2023

Global Aginvesting, Globalaginvesting.com, 06/06/2023, Lynda Kiernan-Stone Japan's Nissui Corporation, the second largest seafood producer in the world with 2022 revenue […]

30 May 2023

The Millennial Source, themilsource.com, 29/05/2023, Vanessa Wolosz Ice in the Arctic and the Antarctic is melting quickly because of climate […]

29 May 2023

News Concerns, newsconcerns.com, 29/05/2023, Harry Jones Scientists have said that an acceleration of melting Antarctic ice and rising temperatures, driven […]

22 May 2023

WEB ABC Online, Other, 18/05/2023, Tyne Logan The strength and frequency of La Nia and El Nio was once determined […]

22 May 2023

The Telegraph (Seymour), Other, 19/05/2023 They're often smaller than the diameter of a human hair and so tiny they're invisible […]

8 May 2023

WEB ABC Online, Other, 05/05/2023, Tyne Logan Unexpected wind shifts, ember attacks, fire storms and fire vortices. This included the […]

20 April 2023

WEB ABC Online, Other, 18/04/2023, Stephanie Smail The giant patch of floating rubbish in the Pacific Ocean has come alive […]

11 April 2023

Fish Focus, Other, 10/04/2023 Climate change could affect the diet quality of fish by 10%. The diet quality of fish […]

5 April 2023

myScience, Other, 04/04/2023 A new analysis has found rapidly increasing emissions between 2010 and 2020 of five ozone-depleting chemicals whose […]

4 April 2023

Carbon News NZ, Other, 03/04/2023 A new study has found that the diet of fish worldwide could decline in quality […]

30 March 2023

West Australian, Other, 30/03/2023, Tracey Ferrier Australian scientists have made dire projections about what Antarctica's melting ice will do to […]

22 March 2023

InnovationAus, Other, 22/03/2023, Joseph Brookes The CSIRO will develop a world-first ground to space water quality monitoring system with dozens […]

16 March 2023

InClean, Other, 14/03/2023 New project aims to reduce the 3,500 cubic metres of litter currently entering Sydney Harbour, equivalent to […]

16 March 2023

Science Media Exchange (Scimex), Other, 15/03/2023 A new chemical process is giving carbon capture and conversion "more bang for buck" […]

9 March 2023

@AuManufacturing, Other, 08/03/2023 The CSIRO has launched a new $20 million research program focussed on carbon capture and removal as […]

6 March 2023

Sydney Morning Herald, Other, 02/03/2023, Stuart Layt A quiet south-east Queensland lake is the site of a world-first test to […]

27 February 2023

ABC Online, Other, 26/02/2023, Eliza Borrello Scientists appear to have solved one of the biggest environmental challenges facing the global […]

22 February 2023

The Guardian, Other, 21/02/2023, Adam Morton Stronger El Nio events due to global heating may accelerate irreversible melting of the […]

15 February 2023

The Australian, Other, 14/02/2023, David Swan Tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes has joined venture capital outfits including the CSIRO-backed Main Sequence, […]

9 February 2023

Nature World News, Other, 08/02/2023, Paw Mozter According to a study published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the teeming […]

1 February 2023

The Conversation, Other, 31/01/2023 One of Australia's leading climate scientists, Professor Will Steffen, died on Sunday. Steffen has been hailed […]

24 January 2023

Business News Australia, Other, 23/01/2023, Matt Ogg Investors affiliated with Western Australia's Forrest family and Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures […]

23 January 2023

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 20/01/2023, Clare Watson It's costly and inefficient, but direct air capture is vital to curb and reverse […]

23 January 2023

Washington Post, Other, 20/01/2023, Chris Mooney This is a story about a curious seal, a wayward robot and a gigantic […]

28 November 2022

The Age, Other, 23/11/2022 We've been given a bleak update on the State of the Climate, with the CSIRO and […]

28 November 2022

Business News WA, Other, 24/11/2022, Nadia Budihardjo A research centre launched by Andrew and Nicola Forrest's Minderoo Foundation will use […]

28 November 2022

InnovationAus, Other, 25/11/2022, Brandon How A new Ministerial Advisory Group on the Circular Economy will be led by Monash Sustainable […]

28 November 2022

The Fish Site, thefishsite.com/, 26/11/2022 Csiro is partnering with Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Google Australia […]

28 November 2022

ABC Online, Other, 28/11/2022, Emily Sakzewski Queensland suffered more economic damage from extreme weather disasters than any other state or […]

15 November 2022

The Mandarin, Other, 14/11/2022 Coastal research for a new 'Blue carbon' project in the Indo-Pacific to inform "climate-smart" decision-making will […]

25 October 2022

Australian Financial Review, Other, 25/10/2022, Christopher Niesche Agriculture accounts for about 13 per cent of Australia's total greenhouse gas emissions, […]

17 October 2022

The Guardian, Other, 14/10/2022, Lisa Cox The Denman ice shelf in east Antarctica is melting at a rate of 70.8bn […]

17 October 2022

The Guardian, Other, 16/10/2022, Graham Readfearn Enough commercial fishing line is left in the ocean each year to stretch to […]

17 October 2022

The Guardian, Other, 16/10/2022, Graham Readfearn There’s been much talk of the potent greenhouse gas methane this week from global […]

11 October 2022

InnovationAus, Other, 11/10/2022, Brandon How A new research mission led by the CSIRO has brought together $90 million in projects […]

19 September 2022

Asian Water, asianwater.com.my/category/world/, 16/09/2022 A team of researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) and CSIRO are working to develop […]

19 September 2022

InnovationAus, Other, 16/09/2022, Brandon How A more collaborative approach to innovation is needed to enable the supply of technology that […]

19 September 2022

ABC Online, Other, 17/09/2022, Chris Lewis Oceanographers say growth and erosion of Western Australia's coastline intensifies in La Nina weather […]

19 September 2022

Nation World News, nationworldnews.com, 17/09/2022 The Australian government is implementing two blue carbon programs with Indonesia and two Pacific countries, […]

7 September 2022

Food & Drink Business, Other, 05/09/2022, Nick Hazell The need for dramatic action to address climate change only grows in […]

7 September 2022

ABC Online, Other, 06/09/2022, Rhiannon Stevens Entire villages swamped, crops destroyed, disease now spreading and more than 1,000 people dead, […]

30 August 2022

Find out how we're working with our partners to tackle Australia's greatest challenges through the collaborative research delivered by RV […]

22 August 2022

We've developed Smart Bin Technology with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Our bin can automatically separate glass, metal and […]

22 August 2022

IndiaEducationDiary, Other, 20/08/2022 New University of Sydney research published in Nature Food today has modelled the wide-ranging impacts of climate […]

15 August 2022

Nature, Other, 12/08/2022, Torsten Blackwood Shifting winds and ocean currents are pushing warm waters into East Antarctica, contributing to ice […]

1 August 2022

The Guardian, Other, 30/07/2022, Lara Sonnenschein A baby green sea turtle rescued from a Sydney beach had eaten so much […]

25 July 2022

The Mandarin, Other, 20/07/2022 Some of the national science agency's best and brightest have highlighted the big themes of the […]

11 July 2022

CleanTechnica, Other, 08/07/2022, Jo Borrás It’s called asparagopsis. It’s a seaweed that’s native to Australia that was recently fast-tracked for […]

20 June 2022

Australian Financial Review, Other, 19/06/2022, Rob Beamish Even back in the mid-90s, when Nirvana, the voice of a nihilistic generation, […]

16 June 2022

TimesNowNews.com, Other, 15/06/2022 Fish ears have a natural instrument' that records minute changes in its habitat water over the aquatic […]

14 June 2022

PS News, Other, 13/06/2022 Plastic pollution along Australia's sea coast decreased by almost a third since 2013 according to a […]

9 June 2022

Mining Weekly, Other, 08/06/2022, Esmarie Iannucci Diversified miner BHP has launched a A$3-million grants program to help drive the development […]

17 May 2022

A hackathon offering up to $10,000 for a startup ideas that tackle climate change via space will be held in […]

17 May 2022

Brisbane Times, Other, 16/05/2022, Stuart Layt Australian scientists have partnered with global tech giant Google to develop machine learning that […]

10 May 2022

Tasmanian Times, Other, 09/05/2022 Have you ever wondered what happens when our Antarctic supply ships, expeditioners and research vessels venture […]

26 April 2022

Ur All News, urallnews.com, 25/04/2022 Clouds of smoke and ash from wildfires that ravaged Australia in 2019 and 2020 triggered […]

13 April 2022

Uluu is fighting plastic pollution by producing a versatile range of natural polymers with the potential to replace all kinds […]

21 March 2022

ABC Online, Other, 17/03/2022, Harry Frost The CSIRO has unveiled a new $2.1 million research facility in Canberra aimed at […]

21 March 2022

Global Times, Other, 20/03/2022 Australia's national science agency has made a commitment to help reduce the country's plastic waste by […]

21 March 2022

ECOS, Other, 20/03/2022, Natalie Kikken CSIRO researchers are peering into the digestive processes of insects to see what happens when […]

21 March 2022

TechTimes, Other, 21/03/2022, Sophie Webster The artificial intelligence from the United States, created in the wake of Australia's horror fire […]

14 March 2022

Packaging News, Other, 10/03/2022, Jan Arreza CSIRO and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have launched a new $1.3 […]

8 March 2022

Nature, Other, 08/03/2022 A recent study suggests that the optimal temperature for symbiotic nitrogen fixation rates exceeds the plant's preferred […]

7 March 2022

ABC Online, Other, 04/03/2022, Hamish Cole & Hugh Hogan A US-based recycling company has announced plans to build the largest […]

7 March 2022

The Guardian, Other, 06/03/2022, Jocelyn Timperley A new generation of detectors will be many times better at tracking discharges of […]

22 February 2022

ECOS, Other, 21/02/2022, Annabel Boyer Hidden beneath the waves, the impact of bottom trawling is often talked about but rarely […]

21 February 2022

Gympie Today, General News, 18/02/2022, Arthur Gorrie Gympie-born climate scientist John Church has been officially recognised for his world leading […]

17 February 2022

OpenGov Asia, Other, 16/02/2022 The Environment Minister of Western Australia and its Innovation and ICT Minister recently held an industry […]

24 January 2022

Warming oceans and overfishing is causing species to evolve in ways that threaten the sustainability of commercial fisheries By Ameer […]

17 January 2022

Science Daily, Other, 15/01/2022 Deciding when to stop learning and take action is a common, but difficult decision in conservation. […]

20 December 2021

MSN New Zealand, Other, 19/12/2021, Staff Writers When scientists onboard the CSIRO's research vessel, the Investigator, visited Heard Island in […]

15 December 2021

ABC Online, Other, 14/12/2021 Australia's Black Summer wildfires of 2019-20 are seared into our memories - even more so for […]

14 December 2021

Southern Cross University, Other, 13/12/2021 The Coral IVF team inspecting the trial site at Heron Island in 2020. The first […]

2 December 2021

Eco Voice, Other, 01/12/2021 The Great Barrier Reef is booming with new life after the world's biggest reproductive event coral […]

30 November 2021

Country News, Other, 30/11/2021, Geoff Adams Australia is in the grip of an unprecedented alien attack on its native wildlife […]

29 November 2021

Big News Network, Other, 28/11/2021, Staff Writers Climate change has been found to be a "overwhelming factor" in the increase […]

24 November 2021

Idaho Indian, idahoindian.com, 23/11/2021 The ANU-led team on November 10 departed on a three-week mission to retrieve 27 seismometers -- […]

9 November 2021

Katherine Times, Other, 09/11/2021, Laine Clark Scientists have discovered weeds choking Australia's freshwater coastal wetlands can be reduced by reconnecting […]

8 November 2021

The Conversation, Other, 04/11/2021, Pep Canadell, Corinne Le Quéré , Glen & Peters Pierre Pep Canadell, Chief research scientist, Climate […]

8 November 2021

The Australian Santos will partner with the national science agency CSIRO on the development of technology to capture carbon emissions […]

2 November 2021

Maritime Executive, Other, 01/11/2021 The economic losses can amount to billions of dollars Coral bleaching can occur as a result […]

1 November 2021

The Australian, Business News, 01/11/2021 The national science agency CSIRO and Commonwealth Bank have launched a joint project to examine […]

29 October 2021

Australian Financial Review Agriculture Australia will not exclude methane emissions from livestock as well as coal and liquefied natural gas […]

25 October 2021

WA Today online Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes and wife Annie have pledged to donate and invest $1.5 billion on climate […]

25 October 2021

ECOS, Other, 21/10/2021, Ruth Dawkins Air quality forecasting improvements will be able to provide hourly and daily information on pollutants […]

25 October 2021

Games Grade, gamersgrade.com, 22/10/2021 Agricultural soils are the largest anthropogenic emission source of nitrous oxide (N O)a greenhouse gas 300 […]

25 October 2021

Stock Journal Australia, Other, 23/10/2021, Kiara Stacey Soil carbon has become a hot subject, with benefits in terms of climate […]

20 October 2021

The Guardian, Other, 20/10/2021, Donna Lu Targeted action is needed to combat the growing issue of "ghost nets" in the […]

18 October 2021

WA Today Online Some of Australia's favourite crops are on the decline and consumers will soon be paying more, writes […]

6 October 2021

OpenGov Asia, Other, 05/10/2021 The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) and CSIRO, in collaboration with The […]

29 September 2021

Sydney Morning Herald, Other, 28/09/2021, Peter Milne The Northern Territory government is promoting the capture of carbon dioxide and its […]

21 September 2021

At the edge of Australia’s continental shelf, in the Timor Sea, you’ll find Ashmore Reef Marine Park. 630 km north […]

21 September 2021

ECOS, Other, 17/09/2021, Mary-Lou Considine How is the science of ecology helping our ecosystems adapt to climate change and other […]

17 September 2021

Fiskerforum, fiskerforum.com, 16/09/2021, Quentin Bates Successful trials of a new GPS tracking system has seen drifting ghost nets retrieved from […]

17 September 2021

ABC Online, Other, 16/09/2021, Belinda Smith As Black Summer bushfires devastated huge swathes of south-east Australia, they were seeding new […]

31 August 2021

Newcastle Herald, Other, 30/08/2021, Damon Cronshaw Cultural burns are making a comeback in the Hunter, amid growing interest in Indigenous […]

26 August 2021

Northern Beaches Review, Other, 25/08/2021, Emily Woods More than one million tonnes of plastic waste could be diverted from landfill […]

16 August 2021

The Mandarin, Other, 13/08/2021 The CSIRO and BHP are undertaking a new research program that will attempt to measure and […]

12 August 2021

Australian Energy Council, Other, 11/08/2021, Carl Kitchen With the release of the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) […]

12 August 2021

Northern Beaches Review, Other, 11/08/2021, Liv Casben Leading international scientists have condemned News Corp Australia for "inaccurate" and "misleading" reports […]

10 August 2021

The Conversation, Other, 09/08/2021, Michael Grose, Joelle Gergis, Pep Canadell & Roshanka Ranasinghe Australia is experiencing widespread, rapid climate change […]

28 July 2021

Newcastle Herald, Other, 27/07/2021, Matthew Kelly Thousands of hectares of mangroves were wiped out across the Lower Hunter during the […]

23 July 2021

The Conversation, Other, 22/07/2021, Tim O'Hara Looking like the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, an […]

21 July 2021

Brisbane Times, Other, 20/07/2021, Mike Foley The damage to coral reefs from bleaching during marine heatwaves is similar to that […]

21 July 2021

Australasian Leisure Management, Other, 20/07/2021 The deliberate releasing of balloons is now illegal in Victoria with the Environment Protection Authority […]

20 July 2021

ECOS, Other, 19/07/2021, Natalie Kikken In the face of climate change, innovative science and cultural knowledge will be critical for […]

19 July 2021

ABC Online, Other, 16/07/2021 The Amazon basin in Brazil with its tropical rainforest has long been considered one of the […]

8 July 2021

Australian Antarctic Program, Other, 06/07/2021 Macquarie Island, and the steep underwater mountain chain from which it rises, have become a […]

2 July 2021

@AuManufacturing, Other, 01/07/2021, Peter Roberts The federal government has announced $39 million in funding to an ambitious project linking researchers, […]

28 June 2021

Open Forum, Other, 24/06/2021, Diane Nazaroff Several UNSW scientists have returned from a four-week voyage along Australia’s eastern coastline gathering […]

9 June 2021

Big News Network, Other, 08/06/2021 You've probably heard that our oceans have become a plastic soup. This article was written […]

7 June 2021

ABC Online, Other, 04/06/2021 For more than three weeks, the CSIRO's leading ocean research vessel RV Investigator has trawled the […]

2 June 2021

Free to read online: Celebrating 30 Years of Wildland Fire Science Publication In honour of 30 years of publication, International Journal […]

19 May 2021

ABC Online, Other, 18/05/2021 In stark contrast to vocal members of the National Party, fourth-generation farmer Cindy Stevens and her […]

19 May 2021

The Guardian, Other, 19/05/2021, Graham Readfearn Supermarkets and multinational manufacturers have unveiled a plastics pact across Australia, New Zealand and […]

11 May 2021

Sunraysia Daily, Other, 08/05/2021 The conference, from May 16 to 19, will pay particular attention to cultural flows and the […]

11 May 2021

Net-zero emissions will not be possible without the contribution of negative emissions technologies (NETs). CSIRO has seed funded a program […]

11 May 2021

If the East Australian Current changes, it could have devastating impacts on both marine ecosystems and our climate. Our scientists […]

11 May 2021

ECOS, Other, 10/05/2021, Kate Cranney Australia is one of the sunniest places on the planet. That means we lose large […]

4 May 2021

Weekly Times Now, Other, 03/05/2021, Natalie Kotsios Australia's biosecurity system is getting hefty federal budget boost. Picture: Matt Loxton Australia's […]

27 April 2021

ECOS, Other, 26/04/2021, Fiona Brown This interactive platform puts information about management options and past, present, and future conditions of […]

26 April 2021

Get Stem, Other, 22/04/2021 A Centre for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Technology was established, with the signing of a Memorandum […]

26 April 2021

CSIRO’s contribution to the United Nations’ Second World Ocean Assessment has showcased Australia’s world-leading marine science expertise. Over 70 per […]

29 March 2021

Brinkwire, Other, 28/03/2021, Jonathan Edwards Traditional owners and scientists are coming together in Cairns as part of an Indigenous-led response […]

25 March 2021

Waste Management Review, Other, 23/03/2021 Jim Fairweather, ResourceCo CEO, speaks with Waste Management Review about developing new markets for the […]

23 March 2021

The Guardian, Other, 22/03/2021, Graham Readfearn Experts say it’s unusual to see so many places with such high rainfall across […]

19 March 2021

ABC Online, Other, 18/03/2021, Nick Kilvert Feeding cattle a small amount of a seaweed species found in Australia has been […]

19 March 2021

ABC Online, Other, 18/03/2021, Tyne Logan On January 6 and 7, 2016, a dark, dense and rotating plume of smoke […]

16 March 2021

ClimateWorks Australia, Other, 15/03/2021 Senior Project Manager Tom Yankos looks back at a decade of ClimateWorks modelling. He finds that […]

11 March 2021

OpenGov Asia, Other, 09/03/2021 A space infrastructure company and an Australian wildfire intelligence company signed an agreement to send the […]

11 March 2021

ABC Online, Other, 10/03/2021, Lucy Macdonald They are known as the building blocks of the ocean and great swarms of […]

8 March 2021

About the Plastics Innovation Hub Symposium The Plastics Innovation Hub Symposium is a two half-day virtual event which will bring […]

22 February 2021

ABC Online, Other, 20/02/2021 Western Australia's vast coastline is baring the brunt of the La Nina weather pattern, with unusually […]

17 February 2021

AZoCleantech, Other, 16/02/2021 Australia’s 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfires severely impacted hundreds of plant species. Post-fire recovery of wet sclerophyll forest […]

15 February 2021

Adelaide Now, Other, 13/02/2021, Clare Peddie It is abundantly clear this is a house like no other. The home at […]

15 February 2021

theguardian.com, Other, 13/02/2021, Graham Readfearn Antarctic scientists are close to finalising a drilling location deep in the frozen continent’s interior […]

11 February 2021

Adelaide Now, Other, 10/02/2021, Claire Bickers It could put South Australia at the heart of the race to develop technological […]

11 February 2021

ABC Online, Other, 11/02/2021, Nick Kilvert The global increase in ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon-11 (CFC-11) emissions, which was first detected in 2013 […]

1 February 2021

Benalla Ensign, Other, 27/01/2021, Rodney Woods Feeding a hungry world has put increasing pressure on our lands and the native […]

27 January 2021

Technology Decisions, Other, 25/01/2021 The WA Government has invested $1 million in nine initiatives which, when fully implemented, will divert […]

27 January 2021

PS News, Other, 26/01/2021 A new roadmap setting out strategies for creating jobs and reclaiming billions in economic value from […]

25 January 2021

Augusta Margaret River Mail, Other, 24/01/2021 Farmers will be given access to specialised climate data to help build their drought […]

19 January 2021

Daily Mail, Other, 19/01/2021, Sophie Tanno 'Rubbish season' is underway in Bali as plastic covers the country's beaches in what […]

19 January 2021

ABC Online, Other, 18/01/2021, Ben Deacon The world's oceans absorbed 20 sextillion joules of heat due to climate change in […]

18 January 2021

Latest News Tripura, www.latestnewstripura.com, 17/01/2021 Rising nitrous oxide (N3O) emissions are jeopardizing the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, according […]

14 January 2021

The National Tribune, Other, 13/01/2021 The NSW Government has released the final report of a Spring 2020 survey showing just […]

14 January 2021

Spatial Source, Other, 13/01/2021 Successful coastal restoration efforts could be achieved over large areas, deliver positive impacts for decades, expand […]

14 January 2021

ABC Online, Other, 13/01/2021, Tom Joyner and Rhiannon Stevens Floodplains around Australia's largest national park are undergoing a visible transformation […]

11 January 2021

theguardian.com, Other, 08/01/2021, Graham Readfearn The last decade was the hottest on record for Australia with the temperature almost 1C […]

11 January 2021

ABC Online, Other, 08/01/2021 Last year tied with 2016 as the world's warmest on record, rounding off the hottest decade […]

11 January 2021

Straits Times, Other, 09/01/2021, Jonathan Pearlman and David Fogarty When you think of the Covid-19 pandemic, one item probably symbolises […]

8 January 2021

Industry Queensland, Other, 07/01/2021 The CSIRO has joined forces with Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) to better understand the environment and […]

5 January 2021

Daily Herald, Other, 05/01/2021 In a brand new study, microplastics were found in human placentas. Where are these plastics coming […]

22 December 2020

PhysOrg.com, Other, 22/12/2020 CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, has identified coastal 'bright spots' to repair marine ecosystems globally, paving the […]

22 December 2020

Ocean Road Magazine, Other, 21/12/2020 Despite the most widespread bleaching event ever recorded, Southern Cross University researchers have found more […]

22 December 2020

GovTech Review, Other, 21/12/2020, Dylan Bushell-Embling The NSW Department of Customer Service’s Spatial Services division has teamed up with the […]

21 December 2020

Wollondilly Advertiser, Other, 18/12/2020, Kayla Osborne "This project ensures a cooler, greener Camden and strengthens the resilience of the Camden […]

21 December 2020

ABC Online, Other, 19/12/2020, Lexy Hamilton-Smith For members of the Whitehorse Canoe Club in Victoria, river levels are essential information. […]

15 December 2020

ABC Online, Other, 14/12/2020, David Robertson A sperm whale with 135 different plastic items in its stomach, mostly soft plastic […]

14 December 2020

Maritime Executive, Other, 12/12/2020 The European Union is moving closer towards restrictions to reduce or eliminate the use of microplastics […]

14 December 2020

terradaily.com, Other, 13/12/2020 A fleet of new-generation, deep-diving ocean robots will be deployed in the Southern Ocean, in a major […]

14 December 2020

Ballarat Courier, Other, 13/12/2020 An innovative project will take place in the region this summer, as scientists work to better […]

7 December 2020

Australasian Science, Other, 01/12/2020, Arianna Olivelli It’s estimated about two million tonnes of plastics enter the oceans from rivers each […]

7 December 2020

7news.com.au, Other, 04/12/2020 Deep-diving robots will be used in the wild Southern Ocean to hopefully shed light on how "marine […]

7 December 2020

Channel NewsAsia, Other, 07/12/2020 An Australian company has lined up the country's national science agency and Japanese firms to work […]

1 December 2020

Nature, Other, 01/12/2020 A strong positive Indian Ocean Dipole (pIOD) induces weather extremes such as the 2019 Australian bushfires and […]

23 November 2020

CNET, Other, 20/11/2020, Laura Hautala Fire-predicting software can project how a fire could spread, even while it's still burning. Andrew […]

23 November 2020

Forbes.com, Other, 22/11/2020, Jeff Kart It sounds like people may be able to have their meat and eat it too, […]

18 November 2020

7thspace.com, Other, 17/11/2020 New measurements reveal a surprising increase in the amount of dense water sinking near Antarctica, following 50 […]

16 November 2020

theguardian.com, Other, 14/11/2020, Graham Readfearn Since 1910, Australia has warmed by 1.44C and the levels of carbon dioxide in the […]

10 November 2020

ZDNet, Other, 09/11/2020, Aimee Chanthadavong and Asha Barbaschow The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has announced partnerships with […]

9 November 2020

ThePrint, theprint.in, 08/11/2020, Natalie Marchant Plastic pollution in the ocean could be an even bigger problem than first feared, with […]

26 October 2020

Straits Times, Other, 23/10/2020 The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change. […]

26 October 2020

PhysOrg.com, Other, 23/10/2020, Lara Van Raay A new study by scientists from the University of Tasmania, CSIRO and the University […]

26 October 2020

environmental-expert.com, Other, 23/10/2020 As the world’s water becomes more and more scarce due to climate change, groundwater banking is gaining […]

26 October 2020

The RiotACT, Other, 24/10/2020, Michael Weaver Two researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) are currently onboard a CSIRO marine […]

26 October 2020

Energy Infra Post, energyinfrapost.com, 24/10/2020 Giant tabular icebergs are surrounded by ice floe drift in Vincennes Bay on January 11, […]

26 October 2020

theguardian.com, Other, 25/10/2020, Christopher Knaus Perched in his fire tower high above the pine trees, Nick Dutton leans back and […]

19 October 2020

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 16/10/2020 Restoring just under a third of Earth’s ecosystems to their natural state could protect more than […]

19 October 2020

Warta Saya, wartasaya.com, 17/10/2020 Scientists in Michigan have developed a forest fire alarm system. He works at CSIRO, Australia's national […]

14 October 2020

Techregister, www.techregister.co.uk, 13/10/2020, Shari Gallop From last summer’s bushfires to the recent U.S. wildfires, the world’s attention has been irrevocably […]

12 October 2020

ABC Online, Other, 08/10/2020 The main focus of many communities trying to better control bushfires in Northern Australia is protecting […]

12 October 2020

graincentral.com, Other, 09/10/2020, Chris Clyne The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) recently declared that La Nina is official for the back […]

12 October 2020

Fars News Agency, Other, 10/10/2020 Rising nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions are jeopardizing the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, according […]

12 October 2020

ABC Online, Other, 11/10/2020, By Jane Bardon There aren't many people who go to stand in the middle of a […]

6 October 2020

opengovasia.com, Other, 04/10/2020 The AquaWatch Australia mission, being developed by CSIRO and the research consortium under a leading local supplier […]

6 October 2020

The New Daily, Other, 05/10/2020, Samantha Dick Every drink bottle we buy, face scrub we use and chip packet we […]

2 October 2020

Farm Weekly, Other, 01/10/2020, Shan Goodwin The rewards for climate-smart red meat businesses are well known. Consumer and community support, […]

2 October 2020

ABC Online, Other, 01/10/2020, Nick Kilvert Melting of the Greenland ice sheet has hit a rate unmatched in the last […]

2 October 2020

ABC Online, Other, 01/10/2020 Dr George Cresswell, a physical oceanographer, has probably been on more scientific voyages than anyone I've […]

1 October 2020

Forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology suggest we should get ready for a La Niña event in 2020. But what […]

1 October 2020

Science Magazine, Other, 30/09/2020, Dennis Normile China's surprise pledge last week to cut its net carbon emissions to zero within […]

29 September 2020

AZoCleantech, Other, 26/09/2020 The proof that climate change raises the frequency and/or intensity of fire weather in several regions of […]

29 September 2020

greencareer.net.au, Other, 28/09/2020 CSIRO scientists have joined with others from 17 other countries to publish a first of its kind, […]

29 September 2020

croakey.org, Other, 28/09/2020, Nicole Mackee Collaborative public health measures, such as those adopted in a One Health approach, are needed […]

24 September 2020

timesnewsgroup.com.au, Other, 24/09/2020, James Taylor The third and final webinar in a series about the future of living in bushfire-prone […]

24 September 2020

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 24/09/2020 Reforesting is considered a prominent strategy in mitigating climate change, with previous research highlighting the role […]