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23 July 2024

Some nuclear fans claim the agency has a position on Australia’s energy mix. That is both wrong and a fundamental […]

5 June 2024

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 30/05/2024 Australian renewable energy gen-tailer Zen Energy has teamed with DGA Energy Solutions Australia, a subsidiary […]

5 June 2024

Inside Small Business, Other, 30/05/2024 Australia's national science agency CSIRO is inviting SMEs working on clean energy solutions to apply […]

30 May 2024

Smart Company Australia, Other, 27/05/2024, Tegan Jones The CSIRO is collaborating with Trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (TRaCE) for […]

30 May 2024

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 29/05/2024 A pilot facility trialling safer and more environmentally friendly recycling of lithium-ion batteries has begun operating […]

30 May 2024

ABC Online, Other, 29/05/2024, Timu King & Elyse Armanini The renewable energy sector continues to grow across Australia, and regional […]

16 May 2024

The Australian, Other, 15/05/2024, Robyn Ironside Australia's biggest airlines have welcomed long-awaited government support for a sustainable aviation fuel industry, […]

18 April 2024

Australians have told us what they think about the renewable energy transition and its roll out, in the most comprehensive […]

10 April 2024

ABC Online, Other, 10/04/2024, Daniel Mercer A majority of Australians want the transition towards renewable energy to happen at a […]

26 March 2024

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 25/03/2024 The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has allocated $2 million to Lochard Energy for an 18-month […]

25 March 2024

The Guardian, Other, 25/03/2024, Paul Karp Nuclear energy ranks last on the list of climate technologies that big institutional investors […]

21 March 2024

Renew Economy, Other, 20/03/2024, Giles Parkinson The Australian Energy Market Operator has become the second major institution to fight back […]

18 March 2024

Manufacturers Monthly, Other, 14/03/2024, Georgia Willey Scientists from Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, have led an international team to a […]

5 March 2024

FuelCellsWorks, Other, 02/03/2024 As we grapple with the urgent challenges of climate change, Australian start-up Sparc Hydrogen emerges as a […]

26 February 2024

create, Other, 22/02/2024, Jonathan Bradley Since German-born aerospace engineer Dr Dietmar Tourbier took on the Director of Energy position at […]

26 February 2024

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 23/02/2024 CSIRO and Standards Australia have launched a new tool called HyStandards to help the […]

22 February 2024

SBS, Other, 21/02/2024, Tania Lee & Olivia Yuan It's no secret that Australia enjoys plenty of sunshine, allowing it to […]

20 February 2024

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 19/02/2024, Drew Rooke On January 10, 2021, a strange structure appeared in the shallow waters off Grassy […]

14 February 2024

InnovationAus, Other, 13/02/2024, Brandon How New cybersecurity standards for solar inverters, battery storage and electric vehicle chargers are being developed […]

13 February 2024

Moorabool News, Other, 08/02/2024, Lachlan Ellis The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is working with researchers at Federation University […]

8 February 2024

The Guardian, Other, 08/02/2024, Sarah Basford Canales and Graham Readfearn Community groups, activists and politicians rallied on the lawns of […]

19 December 2023

Packaging News, Other, 18/12/2023, Will Wain-Williams The Australian government has funded a co-operative research centre as part of its project […]

14 December 2023

Canberra Times, Other, 11/12/2023, James Wong Electrification is the buzzword of the industry at the moment, though Ineos Automotive sees […]

5 December 2023

The New Daily, Other, 04/12/2023, Parker McKenzie A trans-Atlantic flight powered by sustainable jet fuel is a huge step forward […]

27 November 2023

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 24/11/2023 The ASX-listed company said this marks a significant milestone for Sparc Hydrogen, as it represents the […]

27 November 2023

ACAPMA Mag, Other, 24/11/2023 A new hydrogen refuelling station has been launched at the CSIRO’s Clayton site in Victoria. “This […]

23 November 2023

West Australian, Other, 23/11/2023, Marion Rae Locally produced green fuel will allow hydrogen-powered electric cars to travel over 600km emissions-free […]

13 November 2023

Eco Voice, Other, 11/11/2023 Toyota has unveiled a prototype HiAce powered by a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine that will undergo […]

6 November 2023

Renew Economy, Other, 02/11/2023, Amalyah Hart In December, Australia will play host to a world-first conference on quantum energy', the […]

24 October 2023

Australian Financial Review, Other, 24/10/2023, Sian Powell A massive waste-to-energy plant south of Perth will be up and running by […]

23 October 2023

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 20/10/2023 Sparc Hydrogen has been awarded almost $500,000 (USD 315,000) by the Australian government to support […]

23 October 2023

ABC Online, Other, 22/10/2023, Isabella Tolhurst From the Netherlands to Darwin: The Brunel Solar Team has come a long way […]

12 October 2023

Renew Economy, Other, 11/10/2023, Rachel Williamson Solar roof tiles, along with windows and even cladding that can generate solar power, […]

11 October 2023

West Australian, Other, 10/10/2023, Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson Australian hydrogen producers have one month to claim a share of $2 billion from […]

11 October 2023

The Australian, Other, 10/10/2023, Cameron England Gold Hydrogen has started drilling for naturally-occurring hydrogen on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula in […]

11 September 2023

Batteries International,, 07/09/2023 David Rand, who has spent a lifetime in batteries and energy storage, was awarded the International […]

28 August 2023

Nation World News,, 27/08/2023 The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia (CSIRO) has launched a new company […]

23 August 2023

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 22/08/2023 Australia's national science agency CSIRO and GHD Advisory have released a new report that urges the […]

15 August 2023

PV Magazine USA (Online),, 15/08/2023, Emiliano Bellini Solar pre-cooling consists of using residential PV systems to run air conditioners […]

14 August 2023

Stockhead, Other, 13/08/2023, Jessica Cummins and Bevis Yeo Energy Queensland may historically be Australia's biggest coal producer, but the Palaszczuk […]

10 August 2023

Climate Control News, Other, 09/08/2023, Sandra Rossi A new $11 million project led by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, will […]

10 August 2023

Aviation giant Boeing has partnered with the CSIRO in the hope of turning Australian feedstock into 5 billion litres of […]

7 August 2023

Energy Magazine, Other, 04/08/2023 If destiny had played its cards slightly differently, Dr Dietmar Tourbier could have embarked on a […]

27 July 2023

FuelCellsWorks, Other, 27/07/2023 In a significant leap towards its natural hydrogen exploration program, 2H Resources, a subsidiary of Buru Energy […]

27 July 2023

Facility Management, Other, 26/07/2023, Sophie Berrill Windows that generate electricity have been selected as finalists in Australia's premier national science […]

7 June 2023

PV Magazine, Other, 06/06/2023, Bella Peacock Endua has installed its first 100 kW standalone hydrogen power bank in Brisbane, Australia. […]

29 May 2023

In an Australian first, a new CSIRO project will develop an easily deployed device to produce hydrogen directly at the […]

11 May 2023

Renew Economy, Other, 10/05/2023, Rachel Williamson CSIRO has promoted its deputy director of energy to the top role after running […]

1 May 2023

The Guardian, Other, 29/04/2023, Peter Hannam AGL Energy Liddell's coal-fired power station in New South Wales closed on Friday, Australia's […]

24 April 2023

Australian Property Journal, Other, 23/04/2023, Hannah Page National science agency CSIRO has teamed up with CoreLogic Australia to trial a […]

20 April 2023

Sustainable Plastics,, 19/04/2023 Australian Samsara Eco brings affordable circularity within reach Karen Laird After taking part in an ideathon […]

17 April 2023

Renew Economy, Other, 14/04/2023, Giles Parkinson The latest levellised cost of energy assessment has been released by global investment bank […]

12 April 2023

The Conversation, Other, 11/04/2023, Dominic Zaal Solar thermal technology has the potential to provide both long-duration storage and industrial heat, […]

29 March 2023

InnovationAus, Other, 29/03/2023, Joseph Brookes Renewable energy storage will need significant investment if Australia is to meet its net-zero emissions […]

27 March 2023

Australian Financial Review, Other, 24/03/2023 As public opinion and our captains of industry shift the dial towards renewable energy apace, […]

16 March 2023

OpenGov Asia, Other, 13/03/2023 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia within the energy sector can now access an online […]

8 February 2023

The Australian, Other, 07/02/2023, Jessica Cummins Melbourne-based hydrogen start-up, Cavendish Renewable Technology (CRT), believes it has a lucrative solution to […]

6 February 2023

North West Telegraph, Other, 03/02/2023, Matt Birney Emerging battery mineral explorer Lithium Energy has nailed some exceptional graphite intercepts at […]

6 February 2023

The Australian, Other, 03/02/2023, Jessica Cummins In 2022, hydrogen kept its place as an important piece of the "global net […]

28 November 2022

CleanTechnica, Other, 27/11/2022, Hothouse Flowers The dream of a global economy powered by renewable hydrogen is coming into sharper focus, […]

2 November 2022

Queensland Country Life, Other, 02/11/2022, Andrew Marshall The global scramble to find cheaper, low emission energy sources has Nufarm boss, […]

25 October 2022

The Conversation, Other, 24/10/2022, Renate Egan The cost of turning sunlight into electricity has fallen more than 90% over the […]

17 October 2022

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 15/10/2022 Enabling future energy flows at the lower-voltage distribution level? At the big end of town, […]

11 October 2022

Renew Economy, Other, 10/10/2022, Jim Regan Wave machines dotted along Australia's coastlines could hold the key to filling generation gaps […]

11 October 2022

FuelCellsWorks, Other, 10/10/2022 Swinburne’s Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) and Aerostructures Innovation Research Hub (AIR Hub) are developing enhanced hydrogen storage […]

19 September 2022

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 16/09/2022, Clare Peddie The "green hydrogen" process, which promises to replace greenhouse gas emissions, is focusing the […]

19 September 2022

Cosmos Magazine, Other, 16/09/2022, Marie Low As renewable energy becomes mainstream, young Australians might believe we are just beginning to […]

5 September 2022

Manufacturers Monthly, Other, 02/09/2022 Australia’s first lithium-ion battery giga-factory is a step closer to commencing operations with the successful completion […]

30 August 2022

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 29/08/2022, Emiliano Bellini A group of Australia researchers, including scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial […]

22 August 2022

We've developed Smart Bin Technology with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Our bin can automatically separate glass, metal and […]

15 August 2022

InnovationAus, Other, 11/08/2022, Brandon How The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering says the federal government must not rely […]

8 August 2022

PACE, Other, 03/08/2022 The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, part of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission, has been designed to foster collaboration between […]

8 August 2022

Manning River Times, Other, 06/08/2022, Matthew Kelly A Victorian dairy farm expects it will save $70,000 annually after incorporating Hunter-built […]

2 August 2022

ABC Online, Other, 01/08/2022, Rio Davis The burgeoning offshore wind industry is waiting on a declaration from the federal government […]

13 July 2022

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 12/07/2022 Although cost reductions will likely be put on hold for the upcoming year due to supply […]

11 July 2022

The Australian, Other, 10/07/2022, Nick Evans Australian battery industry research is set to take a significant step forward on Monday […]

11 July 2022

The Australian, Other, 11/07/2022, Matt Bell Renewables remain the cheapest new-build electricity generation option in Australia, but inflation and supply […]

20 June 2022

Australian Financial Review, Other, 19/06/2022, Rob Beamish Even back in the mid-90s, when Nirvana, the voice of a nihilistic generation, […]

20 June 2022

The Guardian, Other, 20/06/2022, Graham Readfearn The regional powerhouses of Australia’s industrial economy could slash their greenhouse gas emissions by […]

9 June 2022

ABC Online, Other, 08/06/2022, Nathan Morris Australia's methane emissions from coal mines are twice as high as national estimates, with […]

6 June 2022

Renew Economy, Other, 03/06/2022, Sophie Vorrath Australian researchers have found a way to boost the energy efficiency and longevity of […]

6 June 2022

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 03/06/2022 Australia’s burgeoning offshore wind sector is set to power the next wave renewable energy […]

30 May 2022

Energy Trend,, 26/05/2022 Australian start-up Strategic Elements is working with the University of New South Wales and the Commonwealth […]

2 May 2022

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 29/04/2022 Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to help solve the energy challenges of tomorrow […]

14 April 2022

S&P Global, Other, 06/04/2022, Anthony Barich Antofagasta's Centinela copper mine in the Antofagasta region of northern Chile, where hydrogen technology […]

13 April 2022

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 12/04/2022 Energy Renaissance chief technology officer Dr Howard Lovatt Energy Source & Distribution gets to […]

4 April 2022

ABC Online, Other, 03/04/2022 Scientists are busy testing ways to build a giant solar farm in space. If you can […]

16 March 2022

The Business Gazette Online,, 15/03/2022 The Sarawak government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Swinburne University of Technology […]

14 March 2022

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 10/03/2022 Bioenergy produced from harvest waste across South East Queensland’s pine plantations could significantly reduce […]

14 March 2022

Australian Energy Council, Other, 10/03/2022 While there’s been much debate about how to make the transition to Net Zero, a […]

14 March 2022

Energy Magazine, Other, 11/03/2022, Patricia Mae Tagabe The development of a domestic and export hydrogen market in Australia is a […]

7 March 2022

myScience, Other, 03/03/2022 Researchers from Monash University have taken another step towards the holy grail of renewable energy: the ability […]

7 March 2022

The Fifth Estate, Other, 03/03/2022, Rose Mary Petrass It might sound counterintuitive, but soon we may be able to make […]

28 February 2022

Innovationnewsnetwork,, 25/02/2022 Dr Rosalind Gummow, Dr Adam Best, and Neeraj Sharma, Directors of the Australian Battery Society, explore the […]

15 February 2022

New ARC-funded Projects were announced at the end of 2021. Congratulations to those who were successful in securing research funds: • Dr Alexander Klimenko […]

15 February 2022

We are pleased to announce that Prof Ken Baldwin from ANU has agreed to chair the first Australian Hydrogen Research […]

14 February 2022

Centre for Future Work 8 Feb 2022 | Report | Economics, Technology This paper suggests that Australia’s natural resource endowments […]

7 February 2022

Queensland clean energy start-up Endua’s ambitious plan to manufacture modular hydrogen-powered energy generation and storage systems has been given a […]

7 February 2022

Our analysis from 2017 estimated it would cost Australia a trillion dollars to convert to renewables. Our current estimate is […]

1 February 2022

The National Measurement Institute is running a public consultation to develop measurement requirements for hydrogen dispensers in Australia. We are […]

24 January 2022

Vertical Lobby,, 21/01/2022, Gilles Mischler Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) has announced investment in a new hydrogen refuelling station […]

24 January 2022

eq international,, 22/01/2022 Endua’s proposal to develop modular hydrogen-powered energy generation and storage systems has received a financial boost […]

18 January 2022

Eco Voice, Other, 17/01/2022 On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has today announced up […]

18 January 2022

The Conversation, Other, 17/01/2022, Steven Percy Senior Research Fellow, Victorian Hydrogen Hub, Swinburne University of Technology You might remember hearing […]

17 January 2022

Cyprus Shipping News,, 15/01/2022 McDermott International and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia's premier national science organization, […]

20 December 2021

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 17/12/2021 The latest estimates of electricity generation costs in Australia have confirmed solar and wind continue […]

20 December 2021

Eco Voice, Other, 17/12/2021 Can you tell us about Wave Swell Energy and how it works? A few years ago, […]

8 December 2021

MarketScreener, Other, 07/12/2021 Australia-based steel producer BlueScope Steel has agreed to work with Shell to develop a renewable hydrogen hub […]

8 December 2021

EcoGeneration, Other, 07/12/2021, Poppy Johnston Wave energy has long struggled to find its feet in the clean energy transition but […]

6 December 2021

Herald Sun, Other, 03/12/2021, Caitlan Charles Townsville has been named one of three new hydrogen clusters which will facilitate the […]

30 November 2021

Hunter Headline, Other, 30/11/2021 The Hunter’s hydrogen future is a step closer with the launch of the Hunter Hydrogen Roadmap, […]

1 November 2021

See below for a list of hydrogen related events hosted by various countries at COP26, in case you are interested […]

1 November 2021

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are now open for the $70 million hydrogen hub initiative. These grants support the development of […]

29 October 2021

The Australian, General News, 29/10/2021, Joe Kelly, Page 4 Australia would maintain a competitive edge as a hydrogen exporter to […]

29 October 2021

Australian Financial Review Agriculture Australia will not exclude methane emissions from livestock as well as coal and liquefied natural gas […]

28 October 2021

Solar panel testing to protect Australia's solar energy supply. We have developed and demonstrated highly accurate testing of solar PV […]

25 October 2021

MidWest Times online A meeting of minds from industry, academia and government will develop an $18 million cathode precursor pilot […]

25 October 2021

PV Magazine, Other, 22/10/2021, Blake Matich With work already underway on a test cavern for hydrogen storage from German energy […]

20 October 2021

ABC Online, Other, 19/10/2021 The solar farm will have the capacity to export energy from the Northern Territory's Simpson Desert […]

18 October 2021

ABC Online, Other, 15/10/2021, Staff Writers It's been hard to open a news app this week without running headlong into […]

29 September 2021

Sydney Morning Herald, Other, 28/09/2021, Peter Milne The Northern Territory government is promoting the capture of carbon dioxide and its […]

22 September 2021

Australian Financial Review, Other, 21/09/2021, Simon Evans A company which is 25 per cent owned by supermarket giant Woolworths, with […]

14 September 2021

Dispatchist,, 13/09/2021 Monash researchers created a longer-lasting, lighter, more sustainable rival to lithium-ion batteries using sugar in lithium-sulfur batteries […]

9 September 2021

Intelligent CIO, Other, 08/09/2021, Mark Bowen As the world turns its attention to achieving its respective ambitious decarbonisation goals, Australia […]

6 September 2021

Energy Magazine, Other, 03/09/2021, Patricia Mae Tagabe Horizon Power is building Australia's first renewable hydrogen demonstration plant in a regional […]

3 September 2021

The Market Herald, Other, 02/09/2021, Simone Grogan An Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill has been tabled in parliament as a proposed […]

26 August 2021

Northern Beaches Review, Other, 25/08/2021, Emily Woods More than one million tonnes of plastic waste could be diverted from landfill […]

23 August 2021

Many clean energy innovations available today – like wind, solar, and lithium-ion batteries – are starting to compete with the […]

23 August 2021

Renew Economy, Other, 19/08/2021, Michael Mazengarb The milestone has been achieved by researchers at the Australian National University, who used […]

23 August 2021

Sydney Morning Herald, Other, 22/08/2021, Tony Moore The Queensland government has bought the first five hydrogen-powered vehicles available in Queensland […]

16 August 2021

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 12/08/2021 The CSIRO is pushing the limits of flexible solar PV cells, partnering with Australian start-up […]

16 August 2021

Stockhead, Other, 13/08/2021, Emma Davies News share a new report from the CSIRO says that Australia could turn carbon dioxide […]

16 August 2021

Energy News Bulletin, Other, 13/08/2021, Mark Tilly The CSIRO has released a roadmap outlining how Australia can scale up the […]

12 August 2021

Australian Energy Council, Other, 11/08/2021, Carl Kitchen With the release of the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) […]

9 August 2021

GovTech Review, Other, 06/08/2021 CSIRO and Australian in-space transportation provider Space Machines Company (SMC) have teamed up to test Australian […]

5 August 2021

ABC Online, Other, 03/08/2021, Liz Farquhar A small factory on the site of the former Newcastle BHP steelworks has raised […]

28 July 2021

Renew Economy, Other, 27/07/2021, Michael Mazengarb A common dietary supplement could be the key to producing low cost and environmentally […]

26 July 2021

Illawarra Mercury, Other, 24/07/2021, Glen Humphries BlueScope could use wind power as a sustainable way of making steel, according to […]

23 July 2021

Energy Magazine, Other, 22/07/2021, Imogen Hartmann The Western Australian Government has joined the Smart Energy Council’s Zero Carbon Certification Scheme […]

22 July 2021

The Guardian, Other, 22/07/2021, Adam Morton Hunter and LaTrobe valleys considered particularly suitable sites as union says industry could offer […]

21 July 2021

Renew Economy, Other, 20/07/2021, Michael Mazengarb Through the $1.48 million project, Energy Renaissance will establish a pilot lithium ion manufacturing […]

13 July 2021

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 12/07/2021 Australia’s lng producers are testing the waters for blue hydrogenwhich is produced when natural […]

8 July 2021

Renew Economy, Other, 07/07/2021, Michael Mazengarb The CSIRO says it will lead a $5 million international collaboration initiative to bring […]

2 July 2021

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, Other, 01/07/2021 Allison Hortle is a Senior Researcher with CSIRO Energy since 1993 and is […]

29 June 2021

Energy Source & Distribution, Other, 28/06/2021 Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction the Hon Angus Taylor MP will speak […]

22 June 2021

Energy Magazine, Other, 21/06/2021 Horizon Power has successfully powered the Western Australian town of Onslow, using its own microgrid powering […]

15 June 2021

The Epoch Times, Other, 14/06/2021, Daniel Khmelev Australia has locked in separate commitments with Germany and Japan to continue pursuing […]

15 June 2021

Convenience & Impulse Retailing, Other, 14/06/2021, Deborah Jackson, Paul Serrnia and Sarb Giddey Ampol has partnered with Main Sequence and […]

9 June 2021

@AuManufacturing, Other, 08/06/2021, Peter Roberts Solar photovoltaics (pv) and wind continue to be the cheapest sources of new electricity generation […]

8 June 2021

Toowoomba Chronicle, Other, 08/06/2021 Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood says to make hydrogen power, "you need lots of cheap […]

7 June 2021

ABC Online, Other, 05/06/2021 Batteries big and small are the key to Australia's transition to renewables, and could be an […]

31 May 2021

FuelCellsWorks, Other, 28/05/2021 CSIRO becomes first lease customer for new Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) Partnership to help demonstrate […]

31 May 2021

Energy Magazine, Other, 27/05/2021, Imogen Hartmann SA Power Networks has recorded successful results on its 21-month Advanced Virtual Power Plant […]

31 May 2021

@AuManufacturing, Other, 28/05/2021 Csiro, Australia’s national science agency, has launched a new Hydrogen Industry Mission to help support the world’s […]

20 May 2021

EurekAlert!, Other, 19/05/2021 The design of next-generation solar panels can now be improved thanks to a greater fundamental understanding of […]

19 May 2021

Stock & Land, Other, 18/05/2021, Rebecca Nadge A Victorian start-up has reported promising results after completing a feasibility study into […]

19 May 2021

Industry Update, Other, 18/05/2021 The CSIRO is drawing together leading energy research organisations as part of a global research push […]

18 May 2021

The Guardian, Other, 17/05/2021, Adam Morton Consortium plans to produce green hydrogen with wind and solar energy as a potential […]

11 May 2021

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 06/05/2021, David Carroll Australia’s national science agency has identified a potential $3.1 billion industry that is […]

11 May 2021

Net-zero emissions will not be possible without the contribution of negative emissions technologies (NETs). CSIRO has seed funded a program […]

4 May 2021

Mondaq, Other, 03/05/2021, Clare Corke, Cameron Busch, Tobias Hill and Corrs Cha Following US President Joe Biden's recent commitment to […]

3 May 2021

Forbes, Other, 30/04/2021, Ian Palmer The electricity system in the UK was its greenest ever on Easter Monday 2021: 76%. […]

27 April 2021

Energy Magazine, Other, 26/04/2021, Imogen Hartmann Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and CSIRO have enlisted three top energy research organisations […]

26 April 2021

InnovationAus, Other, 22/04/2021, Peter Roberts The federal government and CSIRO have announced new funding and new initiatives to drive research […]

26 April 2021

Port Stephens Examiner, Other, 23/04/2021 Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Energy Renaissance will begin making batteries in a temporary premises at Tomago […]

30 March 2021

Auto Talk, Other, 29/03/2021, Geoff Dobson Toyota has commissioned Victoria’s first commercial-grade permanent hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility at […]

30 March 2021

The Age, Other, 29/03/2021, Nick Toscao The uptake of electric vehicles in Australia is predicted to dramatically rise in coming […]

29 March 2021

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 26/03/2021 The US Department of Energy will fund the $33 million (US$25 million) concentrated solar thermal […]

29 March 2021

PACE, Other, 28/03/2021 Energy Renaissance, an Australian lithium-ion battery manufacturer, announced today that it will develop a defence-grade cybersecure Battery […]

25 March 2021

ZDNet, Other, 23/03/2021, Aimee Chanthadavong Australia's national science agency has put forward 18 recommendations of how the country could step […]

25 March 2021

Waste Management Review, Other, 23/03/2021 Jim Fairweather, ResourceCo CEO, speaks with Waste Management Review about developing new markets for the […]

25 March 2021

Renew Economy, Other, 23/03/2021, Sophie Vorrath Australia's first offshore wind project, the Star of the South, has narrowed down a […]

22 March 2021

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 19/03/2021 The Clayton cluster is part of a network of 13 national clusters, funded by National […]

8 March 2021

Auto Talk, Other, 04/03/2021, Geoff Dobson Twenty zero-emission Hyundai Nexo fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are registered and ready to […]

8 March 2021

ExBulletin,, 05/03/2021 Australian scientists are designing systems for rapid, light-based detection of deadly toxins using state-of-the-art solar cell components […]

4 March 2021

Newcastle Herald, Other, 03/03/2021, Matthew Kelly Prime Minister Scott Morrison will make his third visit to the Hunter in six […]

24 February 2021

Australian Financial Review, Other, 23/02/2021, Toby Hagon Combustion engines, computer chips and the internet helped shape the 20th century; batteries […]

16 February 2021

Techregister,, 16/02/2021 Researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science have successfully created a new type of […]

15 February 2021

Australian Energy Council, Other, 11/02/2021 The way 2021 has started, you could be forgiven for thinking it is the year […]

15 February 2021, Other, 13/02/2021 A research consortium led by UNSW Sydney will investigate the potential to grow a new industry that […]

11 February 2021

Adelaide Now, Other, 10/02/2021, Claire Bickers It could put South Australia at the heart of the race to develop technological […]

10 February 2021

PV Magazine (Australia), Other, 09/02/2021 Australia’s record-breaking uptake of small-scale rooftop solar and growing interest in home battery systems almost […]

8 February 2021, Other, 07/02/2021 The Victorian government has given $10m for a hub in Melbourne’s south-east that will test and improve […]

2 February 2021, Other, 02/02/2021, Ethan James Renewable wave technology that creates power by mimicking a blowhole will soon make a remote […]

1 February 2021

Electronics Online, Other, 28/01/2021 Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) have reached 21.6% efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity […]

1 February 2021

Scitech and Digital,, 01/02/2021 A network of regional hydrogen technology clusters has today been unveiled across Australia , as […]

25 January 2021

The Land Australia, Other, 23/01/2021 Industries across the country and the world are exploring new options to move away from […]

25 January 2021

ABC Online, Other, 23/01/2021, James Purtill Abundant, cheap and clean-burning, hydrogen has long been described as the fuel of the […]

14 January 2021

Stockhead, Other, 12/01/2021 Pure Hydrogen Corporation a division of ASX-listed Real Energy has teamed up with US-based Hyzon Motors to […]

12 January 2021

Engineering News, Other, 12/01/2021 The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has confirmed the suitability of natural flake […]

12 January 2021

Australasian Transport News, Other, 11/01/2021, Rob McKay Hydrogen is getting hype and investment in Australia as a freight fuel of […]

11 January 2021

Utility Magazine, Other, 08/01/2021, Imogen Hartmann Sydney Water has announced its collaboration on a $5 billion dollar Sydney Science Park […]

11 January 2021, Other, 08/01/2021 The initial stage of the A$240 million H2U Eyre Peninsula Gateway Hydrogen Project will include the installation […]

7 January 2021

Renew Australia, Other, 06/01/2021 Panels in agrivoltaic farms can be used in a variety of creative ways. Here, at a […]

7 January 2021

Business News Americas, Other, 06/01/2021 A US consortium led by Associated Universities Inc (AUI) won the tender for Chile’s US$265mn […]

6 January 2021

Power Technology,, 05/01/2021 Energy storage remains one of the key challenges in delivering the clean energy transition and Australian […]

21 December 2020

Australian Pipeliner, Other, 16/12/2020, David Convery Fortescue Metals Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kawasaki Heavy Industries […]

14 December 2020

Australasian Science, Other, 09/12/2020 Like so much of what I have done as Australia’s Chief Scientist, the electricity market review […]

14 December 2020

Oberon Review, Other, 12/12/2020, Katie Burgess Solar and wind energy are still the cheapest source of new energy in Australia, […]

30 November 2020

ITWire, Other, 27/11/2020, Peter Dinham Western Australian electricity company Horizon Power is getting $2.6 million in funding from the Australian […]

23 November 2020

4BC, Other, 22/11/2020, Murray Wilton and Murray Olds As more and more people consider buying electric vehicles, many are asking […]

18 November 2020

International Mining, Other, 17/11/2020, Daniel Gleeson Fortescue Metals Group has confirmed it is investigating the development of a green ammonia […]

16 November 2020

Renew Economy, Other, 11/11/2020, Michael Mazengarb If movies are to be believed, artificial intelligence is a one-way ticket to a […]

16 November 2020

Tech Capital,, 12/11/2020, Jessica Cummins The company's strategy incorporates use of hydrogen in the ore reduction process, into the […]

10 November 2020

RMIT University, Other, 09/11/2020, Iain Strachan and Gosia Kaszubska Researchers have created a new type of machine learning model that […]

10 November 2020

Australian Financial Review, Other, 09/11/2020, Ronald Mizen Productivity gains by moving to more re-use and recycling, or the so-called circular […]

9 November 2020

Energy Northern Perspective,, 06/11/2020 A project to build the world's largest green ammonia plant in South Australia has been […]

9 November 2020, General News, 07/11/2020 Data on a raft of Queensland hydrogen projects is easily accessible online thanks to an updated […]

2 November 2020

The West Australian, Online, 28/10/20, Matt Birney Strategic Elements has been grabbing the headlines recently with its advancements in robotics […]

26 October 2020

Bioenergy International,, 22/10/2020 In Australia, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) will prioritise investment in innovative technology and financing […]

26 October 2020

Australian Manufacturing, Other, 23/10/2020 A new CSIRO report has found that Australia is on the verge of developing significant capability […]

26 October 2020

ABC Online, Other, 23/10/2020, David Fisher Theoretically, rechargeable lithium batteries could have ten times their current capacity. At CSIRO, Marzi […]

26 October 2020, Other, 25/10/2020, Diana Jenkins Say "renewable" and the first thought is likely environmental. But renewable energy is also helping […]

21 October 2020

Australian Pipeliner, Other, 21/10/2020, David Convery Speaking at the APGA Virtual Convention, Future Fuels CRC CEO David Norman said a […]

20 October 2020

BN Western Australia, Other, 19/10/2020, Katie McDonald A 12-month housing affordability experiment has been launched at Mirvac's Iluma Private Estate […]

20 October 2020

ABC Online, Other, 19/10/2020 Australia has long been at the forefront of wave-energy development, but the industry has struggled to […]

19 October 2020

Renew Economy, Other, 14/10/2020, Sophie Vorrath One of the biggest global names in small appliance batteries, Energizer, is preparing to […]

19 October 2020

Food Magazine Australia, Other, 14/10/2020 It’s one of the nation’s biggest food waste issues, but a CQUniversity researcher hopes leftovers […]

19 October 2020, Other, 16/10/2020 Global Energy Ventures’ (ASX:GEV) shares moved 8 per cent higher Thursday to 6.5c after announcing it will […]

19 October 2020

Renew Economy, Other, 16/10/2020, Giles Parkinson Audrey Zibelman says "facts and reality" are focus of AEMO, which is leading creation […]

19 October 2020, Other, 16/10/2020 The footprint of utility-scale batteries as a force in Australia’s National Electricity Market is relatively small at […]

14 October 2020

Renew Economy, Other, 13/10/2020, Michael Mazengarb Australian companies continue to turn to wind and solar to cut their energy costs, […]

14 October 2020

Globetrender Magazine,, 13/10/2020 At Melbourne airport (MEL), Australia, construction is underway on a 12.4 MW (DC) solar farm, large […]

14 October 2020, Other, 13/10/2020, Imogen Hartmann Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Energy Renaissance, has announced the build of Renaissance One, a new $28 […]

6 October 2020

Newcastle Herald, Other, 02/10/2020, Sam Mella This week Beyond Zero Emissions briefed more than 70 investors representing an estimated $150 […]

6 October 2020, Other, 03/10/2020, Adam Morton "Green hydrogen" made with wind and solar electricity could become the cheapest form of what […]

2 October 2020

We examined how the pandemic has created or intensified opportunities for economic growth across six sectors benefiting from science and […]

1 October 2020

Science Magazine, Other, 30/09/2020, Dennis Normile China's surprise pledge last week to cut its net carbon emissions to zero within […]

30 September 2020

Renew Economy, Other, 29/09/2020, Giles Parkinson Australia's major scientific research organisation, the CSIRO, has turned to solar to power its […]